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Bea Aguilar Dec 2020
Count the days
Before it begins
The most sought-after event
That we all await

It's the first day of December
But it's not Christmas that I refer

Starting today,
Count all the days
When you give and give
Even to those who forget

Proven and tested,
It will return to you
It will be more than what they received
More than you asked and view
Bea Aguilar Oct 2020
It makes me feel sad to hear those words from you.
It makes me sad that I’m letting you do this to me.
It makes me sad that I don’t do anything to protect my feelings.
I want to ******* fight, but I want you more.

It makes me so sad that you’re letting me sleep
After saying all those things.
“Good night”
Is the last thing I want to hear from you.
Bea Aguilar Aug 2020
Don’t let that black cloud
Rain on you.
Don’t let it soak
Your hair and cloak.

Sometimes it’s okay
To experience the drizzle,
Most often times,

Don’t let that black cloud
Eat you up.
Don’t let it flood your mind
Of things that you can’t rewind.

That black cloud is inevitable,
Even I can’t stop the horrible
Droplets to land on my face.

Know that you can do something about it.
You can open your umbrella
Or wear your hat if you will.

Most importantly,
Remember that there will be a shining sun
After this terrible, terrible
Black cloud storm.
Tell me what to improve on.
Bea Aguilar Jul 2020
I wish I could tell you
all the things i want
without getting hurt
or crying

I wish I could express
how devastating it is
to hear those words
from you

I wish I could show you
all the scars i got
from the words
you threw at me

I can't escape
Bea Aguilar Jul 2020
okay isn't my okay word.
happy isn't what i'm feeling.
sadness can't explain
how miserable i am.

i will never be okay.
i will never meet the end of that road called happiness.
i will never get to the amusement park where i used to hold you.
i will never be the same.

because you're not around,
you're not here.
you will never be around.
you're not here anymore.
Bea Aguilar Jun 2020
seeing you
reminds me of the phrase,
"life gets better"
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