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Bea Miralles Jun 20
Please don’t ask me to be brave
Let me lay my bones to rest
Just let me close my eyes.
Leave my thoughts
to reach the open skies.

Don’t tell me to stand my ground
My dear, I fear that I might fall,
I just might break again;
Don’t mind the tears
if I fail to keep them in.

The shadows come in waves
they loom above my head all day
they join me in my bed;
and when it's time
for sleep, I drown instead.

But if you’re tired of this as well
If you’ve run out of soothing words
and patience left to give,
I’ve left the door ajar—
Please know that you may leave.

Just let me take a breath;
The smile you see upon my face
is asphyxia within.

I apologize;
You must have hoped for me to win.
Bea Miralles Jul 2016
There comes a time when weary souls.
       let show their broken hearts;
When moonlight mends the light unshown
       each daylight that departs.

When doors are closed and curtains blown
       by wind that chills the night,
And carries songs of lovers kept
       apart by space and time.

By midnight come the honest hours
       when masks are left unworn,
And tears are let cascading down
       by eyes that dry their own.

When turmoiled spirits sing their woes
       and let their hopes be told,
And watch them make their way up
       the stars to which they're sold.

It is a time that minds no grief
       and never scolds the sad—
The night sky loves the lonely,
       and the sleepless and the mad.

Each soul is free to cry until
       the heart is spent and numbed,
And then by daybreak hide it all
       again, till midnight comes.
  Nov 2015 Bea Miralles
My biggest fear
Is that I'll wake up in 10 years
And still miss you
Bea Miralles Nov 2015
It's quite the irony
How fragile a muscle the heart is,
but when finds love, goes reckless.
Bea Miralles Nov 2015
If it were up to me I'd go
And paint the town in red
And write on walls for you all words
Of love I'd left unsaid.

In stars of white I'd write my hopes
In blue all tears I'd wept
From times I'd walked through broken roads
Of promises unkept.

Then red would show the melting warmth
Of every touch I'd felt
When I was home inside your arms
Before the day you fled.

In my heart let these drown in blood
But never in regret
Like every other wish we had
That you chose to forget.

— The End —