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Oct 2021 · 352
Navigating Life
Benita Dalby Oct 2021
Stellar transcendence
Tonight is ride or die
You have no ascendance

Am I lost in space?
Floating through time
Leaving not a single trace

I’ll play this game
Dance in a trance
Pills with all the names

Pieces glued together
Here I am
Navigating all kinds of weather
Oct 2021 · 106
Heightened Senses
Benita Dalby Oct 2021
Pacing around the house
The voice in my head shouts
Round n round in circles
Everything feels universal

Am I manic?
Is this panic?
Am I hyper?
I cannot decipher

Why can’t I just ******* chill
My mind won’t let me sit still
All sensations heightened
I hear a bang, I’m frightened

Roll a cigarette, draw it deep
The people around you cannot sleep
Feel the smoke hit your lungs
The sounds they make, are they speaking in tongues?
Oct 2021 · 147
Benita Dalby Oct 2021
Sometimes I wish I knew
how to break through.

In the moment I become frozen,
wishing to put the wheels in motion.

Crumbling under heavy shoulders,
some days it feels like I’m moving a boulder.

On these days I spend time with me,
I do not mean to be an absentee

I listen to my body and mind,
slow down and take a moment to unwind.
Jul 2021 · 86
For You
Benita Dalby Jul 2021
When I think about a place to go
To be with you when I feel sorrow
I close my eyes and think of you
My heart full of feelings, red and blue

Time, a construct that forever bends
Finality, hard to accept when it comes to the end
When you left I saw a million stars collide
A never ending trail of stardust left behind

Twinkling above ✨
Sprinkling down 💫
I feel you 🌙
When you’re around 🪐
Jul 2021 · 134
Stellar Transcendence
Benita Dalby Jul 2021
Stellar transcendence
Tonight is ride or die
You have no ascendance

Am I lost in space?
Floating through time
Leaving not a single trace

I’ll play this game
Dance in a trance
Pills with all the names

Pieces glued together
Here I am
Navigating all kinds of weather
Jun 2021 · 196
3am Thoughts
Benita Dalby Jun 2021
Today does not equal tomorrow.
The past does not define your today.
You know the familiarity of sorrow.
Consuming you, do not let it take you away.
Jun 2021 · 604
Benita Dalby Jun 2021
Another bad day.
Do not dismay.
Discovery of self is underway.

A momentary lapse.
Do not dwell or think perhaps.
Allow yourself to relax.

These small fragments in time.
With each day you climb.
You know deep down life is sublime.

Your mind is on overdrive.  
Tomorrow will arrive.
I know you will revive.
Feb 2021 · 2.7k
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Closer to one another, we take a stride,
our hearts & bodies about to collide.
Leaning in taking in each others scent,
delicately our lips meet, so present.

Heat builds between us, we’re on fire,
so much passion ignited, I feel your desire.
Licking your neck as you moan with pleasure,
now I know I want to taste your treasure

Together we undress, lay down, I am your Goddess,
My love for you translates to ecstasy, that I promise.
Tantalising & teasing you with my tongue
I move up & down your body, now my lips are clung.

I look up at you, my blue eyes meet yours,
all of you in my mouth tasting your divine flavour.
I feel you throbbing & hear the delight of your moans,
moving up & down, slowly, so deep, harder you grow.
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
My intention was to never take your independence and freedom from you,
for we are all individuals with experiences that ring true.

My impulses were overtaking my mind,
now I can see that I can leave them behind.

I felt so much overwhelm, this wasn’t fair on you,
I have not been well, I’m sorry I made you feel blue.

I have learned so much and hope in time you can see,
the positive changes that are taking place within me.

Deep inner work, and assistance to help my chemistry,
I feel like I am back on earth and now I can finally see.
Feb 2021 · 238
In Pieces
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
As I end my day tucked inside my bed,
thoughts come rushing into my head.

My mind not what it used to be,
Have you given up on me?

I’m bringing myself back together,
putting back into place my tether

You told me you loved me within the week,
scared I would be hurt if I gave you a peek.

I must be delusional surely,
have you ever loved me fully?

So many questions I long to ask,
pushing them aside, I put on my mask.

Each time you go to her,
It’s hidden, quiet like a whisper.  

As you look into my blue eyes,
I ask, you continually deny.

My heart hurts, it’s in tiny little pieces,
I feel like a burden as my emotion releases.
Feb 2021 · 538
Today Is Your Day
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Dearest Little Niece,

Although I’m not near,
I wish you all the cheer.
Today is your special day,
You are as bright as the suns rays.

You’ve made 3 trips around the sun,
I know you’ve had so much fun.
As each year passes I see you grow,
You always make my heart glow.

Happy Birthday!

Love Aunty B x
Feb 2021 · 317
Beautiful Lover
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Beautiful lover,
where are you?
I need
your sweet lips.

Beautiful lover,
please come to me,
suckle gently
on my soft ****.

Beautiful lover,
I crave you
inside of this.

Beautiful lover,
I know you’re there,
our souls connected
they transmit.

Beautiful lover,
one of my favourite
sounds is when you fill me
as together we finish.

Beautiful lover,
your beating heart
love inside for me
that doesn’t quit.

Beautiful lover,
when we share our love
it is
the ultimate bliss.
Feb 2021 · 888
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Between the times you are not near
I remember the scent of you so dear
I close my eyes, I see visions of you
In my dreams I pursue what is taboo

When we become one, I feel your perfect fit
To each other’s pleasure we commit
Energy releasing as alluring moans
Our souls embrace a love that forever grows

Hands moving like clouds
Lips connected, we feel aroused
Tongues tasting each others essence
In these moments, we are wholly present
Jan 2021 · 174
Benita Dalby Jan 2021
Supporting me
could quite possibly
be one of the
hardest things
you’ll ever do
and for that
I thank you.

I do not want to be
dark blue
although in this moment
that is the mood
and colour
that rings true.

I feel helpless
yet I feel hope
I feel fear
yet I feel strong
I feel anxiety
yet I feel safe
above all of that
I feel love
from you
sweet tenderness.

I’ve been told
time and time again
I feel too much
too deeply
my emotions
cause others
to drown
this causes me
to withhold.

These emotions
of mine
need an outlet
a safe space
in which
they can grow
and do not cause
negative commotion.

I never meant
to hurt
any of you
a pain inside
unbearably dark
I was on
a rapid descent.

When I am shown
pure love
after I’ve come to believe
I am a burden
I feel consoled
I feel energy
as strong
as a cyclone.

I see other colours
in the future
beaming through
and happier shades of blue.

The blue of the ocean
the blue of the sky
the blue within the colours
of my happier eyes.
Jan 2021 · 106
Benita Dalby Jan 2021
You give me so much
And nothing at all
I am your crutch
Yet you watch me fall

Laying in darkness
My mind hears all
A soul resembling starkness
My heart feels small

A miserable c*nt
Is what you called me
Bearing the brunt
I’ve lost my energy
Jan 2021 · 344
Benita Dalby Jan 2021
Two strangers beneath the blanket of night

Indulging in this new found delight

A connection forged from admiration

Is this some kind of fixation?


She lays down, curled up, hugging her pillow

Her thoughts growing like a heaving billow

The words they transfer through time and space

Create vibrations in her special place


Scattered stars above two souls below

Enchanted, the conversation makes him grow

She did not expect to find this feeling of solace

When she turns him on she feels like a goddess
Jan 2021 · 188
Benita Dalby Jan 2021
On this balmy summer night

Consuming red wine by candlelight

Hypnotised by flames flickering with delight

She can’t help but feel contrite
Nov 2020 · 230
Breathe in the Day
Benita Dalby Nov 2020
Sit down, relax, breathe in the day
Take in the sun upon you his bright rays
Soak up the beauty, don’t pull away
Not all in your mind are matters of grey

In your soul you know the universe is at play
In your heart you know everything will be okay
The journey we call life can go many ways
It’s part of the adventure that’s underway
Nov 2020 · 266
Inner Child
Benita Dalby Nov 2020
To the inner child inside of me
I know things weren’t always easy

I’m here now to take care of me
To surround you with love openly

Allow yourself to play & smile with glee
I share love with you and love for me
Nov 2020 · 150
Allow Space
Benita Dalby Nov 2020
Although I’ve pushed you away
I’m asking for you to please stay
Forget about the things I said
When I was going out of my head

Here I am strumming my ukulele
I haven’t been taking care of myself lately
I knew my body and mind weren’t right
I wish I could erase that night

So many things I want to say to you
My heart is heavy knowing I hurt you
We tend to forget the magic we create
When our minds are on constant replay

We were on the path to our new chapter
That night there was a common factor
When you are ready I’d love to talk
For now take space, I’m off for a walk
Nov 2020 · 242
An Affirmation
Benita Dalby Nov 2020
I will be here ready when you are


I am vowing to let go of all negativity

Leaving the past where it belongs

It has no place inside me
Nov 2020 · 203
New Beginnings
Benita Dalby Nov 2020
We fell for each other hard and fast
   A deep impact, a sudden blast
   Our chemistry is so electric
   Intertwined so connected
Let’s go back in time and make it right
   Put behind us those wicked nights
   Do not put out the fire just yet
   It’s only just beginning to ignite

How do we go from forever to this?
  Whispering sweet nothings, ultimate bliss
   It certainly has been a tumultuous ride
   We are at the end of it, it’s time to glide
Nov 2020 · 197
Benita Dalby Nov 2020
Listening to your Bliss EP
I can’t decide if my favourite is One or Three
Sitting upon a stool at the table on our balcony
I hear a noise at the door, who could it be? You’re not there, it’s just another delivery

Back at the table writing furiously
I look up to sky and think of all the beauty
My attention diverts back to your EP
The sounds beaming through a thing of mastery

Five finished, I move my finger back to Three
Press play again and listen intently
I count to ten breathing in the air deeply
Thinking of all the times we had so sweetly

So much strength and love shared daringly
I truly believe we are meant to be
The precious words you spoke to me
Back I go to the sounds of track Three
Nov 2020 · 126
Lost at Sea
Benita Dalby Nov 2020
I wanna feel your touch
Here I am thinking too much
My mind swam far away
I could feel it happening day by day

I wanna dance with you under the moonlight
Take me back to those winter nights
Stars above shining so bright
Let’s recreate that magical delight

This home is not only mine
The space we created so divine
To share with you and realign
Turn the page, leave the bad behind

I wanna dance with you under the moonlight
Take me back to those winter nights
Stars above shining so bright
Let’s recreate that magical delight

Baby can’t you see
You mean the world to me
Four walls became reality
It’s time to break free

Winter nights
So bright
Magical delight

Come back to bed with me
Under our blanket marquee
I want to hold you tightly
Feel you push up against me

Baby I will show you my soul got lost at sea

Winter nights
So bright
Magical delight
Nov 2020 · 269
Benita Dalby Nov 2020
As I stare out at the palm trees
Perched upon my chair on our balcony
Memories of you come flooding in
Precious moments of us that have been

Your eyes, your lips, the way you taste
I could drink you up, not a drop going to waste
The way you smile, the way you love
I feel your warmth, you fit perfectly like a glove

I’m so sorry baby, my mind has been hazy
I’ve been inside my head, going a little crazy
You fill my heart and light up my soul
I hurt you deep, I know I lost control

I vow to let you in & bring down the walls
The ones protecting me from my own flaws
Please let me make it up to you
Forgive me my love, I’m yours forever true
Nov 2020 · 176
Benita Dalby Nov 2020
“There’s something wrong with me”

A life full of pain and misery

Don’t forget the good times had

Why is it so hard to let go of the bad?


She is not built like the others you have known

Bought up in a world of constant cyclones

A life where people come and go

As swiftly as the grass over grows


She has felt pain both physical and emotional

Men have made her feel like she is disposable

Her delicate heart covered by a hard exterior

The experiences she’s had are not linear


She weeps as she gets down on her knees

Begging them to stay, she loses all dignity

She doesn’t know what she’s said, she tends to dissociate

A waterfall trickles down her face, it always stings, it feels like mace
Oct 2020 · 178
Do Dreams Come True?
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
Do dreams come true?

I feel they do with you

Talk of journeys to be had

Plans of life, ideas myriad

A painted picture of life together

Love that will surpass any weather

The way in which you strum your guitar

Creating sounds that could reach the stars

I watch you as your eyes light up, sensations of joy beam within you

When you are happy, I am content, memories in my mind begin to accrue

I draw upon the images of our special moments, I feel so blessed

A life with you makes me smile, oh what a wondrous quest.

You push me to be a better person, encouraging my creativity

Let’s make something great, full of positivity

I will care for you as you care for me

For ourselves we will grow, together there are endless possibilities

You have my heart be gentle now, that’s all I ask.

Delicate of yours I will be, for you are the lover I have unmasked.

I’ve been waiting for you to come into my space

We are teaching each other lessons of grace.
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
Your voice to deliver

It feels like forever

A night with whoever

Your sound gone wherever.
Oct 2020 · 757
Enchanting Delight
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
Softly you touch my back I feel your comfort
Our eyes meet, with just one look you reassert
Your gentle hand brushes the side of my face
Our first kiss in this beautiful space

You hold my hand in crowded places
I feel protected, suddenly time erases
As I wander down the streets with you
My internal voice says “I can’t believe this is true”

You ameliorate and allow growth that is full of light
Never have I known such an enchanting delight
Two captivating souls, scars internal
Magical words reminiscent of a verbal journal

Perfectly imperfect is what you allow me to be
Each time we’re together I feel so free
You see me, the beauty and the scars
I feel like you were sent from the stars
Oct 2020 · 368
Source Energy
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
The Female form
   Drawn to an energy
   Surrounding a space
   An inkling askew.

Alike to them, I am not
   I do not sing
   Nor do I dance
   I strive to outdo.

Beginning this journey
   With sensations of zing
   Do I draw on the spirit
   Emptiness to ensue.

Traits not always sanguine
  My heart will sting
  If I go beyond
  Match only what is true

Exhausted I am ever.
   Do not throw the string
   You’ve come too far
   Do not be subdued.
Oct 2020 · 193
The Depths of My Mind
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
The depths of my mind
Busy, loud, at times resigned
This wild vivid imagination
Stories alive of all possible situations
Sleep is evading, my mind pervading
Here come the dreams, constantly invading
Oct 2020 · 170
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
As tears roll down my cheek
   I long for you as I feel weak
   My body physically ailed
   My mind solemn, derailed

I feel safety and comfort in your arms
  Like nothing can do me any harm
  Your warmth touches upon my skin
  A soothing sensation felt within

I don’t want to hurt anymore
   My heart it aches for vigour
   Rest my body and mind I must
   Or I may spontaneously combust
Oct 2020 · 231
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
As I let out a sigh
Bittersweet, my heart awry
Memories of you rush to my head
The time we spent so widespread

Our moments together, serendipitous
The way you departed, precipitous
Ones heart does not simply forget
The feeling of expectations unmet

A life full of hopes and dreams  
That fateful night, all but seized
Remnants of your existence left behind
Our lives wholly redesigned

Inside us all a part of you
The love we share, always true
Not only today, yesterday & everyday
You are never forgotten, to you I pray
Oct 2020 · 222
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
I watch you
Strumming with grace
Integrity in all you do

The sounds you create
Setting the pace
Vibrations run through

One look at your eyes
Magic rings true
Oct 2020 · 676
Moonlit Balcony
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
We sit on your balcony
All I want is for you to undress me
You’re sitting in your favourite chair
I can’t help but stare

I rub your thigh
Look at you and smile
Lean in for a kiss
I want to taste your bliss

I get down on my knees
This act with you so heavenly
Undo your zip
I lick the tip

My lips now wrapped around you so devout
I feel you grow inside my mouth
I have your treasure
You moan with pleasure

My tongue moves up and down
My body tingles, I’m floating on a cloud
I gaze up into your eyes
As once again I take you inside

Kneeled before you I get carried away
You don’t mind, this is risqué
You reach down, gently tugging my hair
Moonlight above, I crave nothing more than to receive you anywhere
Oct 2020 · 117
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
33, what a weird time
Still doing lines
drinking red wine
She found her lifeline
she believes she’s about to shine

Burning sage she’s all new age
She stares at the stars
Is there really life on Mars?
Her head in the clouds
Imagination running wild
Her own fantasies make her smile

Give her a book
she’ll love you forever
Give her jewels
She’s unimpressed, that’s not really clever
Possessions don’t stimulate her mind
Your status doesn’t need to be defined

How you earn your living doesn’t matter
Be wary that your dreams don’t shatter
A strength in her like no other
She’s Not broken
She’s only just awoken
Oct 2020 · 362
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
Two bodies intertwined
In the stillness of the night
Hearts open, warm, feeling combined
Not another moment like this in all of time

To learn a kindness never felt
Your words so true, make me melt
My delicate opening invites you in
Inside me I feel you, let’s begin

So gentle and alive
Moaning with pleasure
We move together
Until we both arrive
Oct 2020 · 177
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
Our lips touch
Like a crutch
Energy flows through
I taste you

Tongues intertwined
Passion alive
Softly moaning
We are exploding

I lick your mouth
You’re hard down south
Gently bitten lip
You know she drips
Oct 2020 · 211
Twinkling Stirling
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
Late goodnights
Tummy twirling
Held tight
Legs curling



Radiant moonlight
Twinkling sterling
Beaming bright
Slowly unfurling
Oct 2020 · 253
Rest Upon Me
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
If you are tired I will let you rest.

Lay down and rest your head upon me.

While I stroke my fingers through your hair.

Recharge yourself, do not despair.

I will be there to soothe and show tender care.

I understand the need to slow down at times.

Helping to restore the energy supplies.

Sleep deep, sleep sound, sleep through the night x
Oct 2020 · 318
Vivid Feelings
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
I appear compassionate and speak with poetry.

My heart wants romance, but often needs empathy.

I feel things vividly, and when I share that, I can give and receive love.
Oct 2020 · 251
Your Saturn Return
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
Today is the day of your birth, the one they say Saturn returns.

Flying in a galaxy above this earth, you look over us, we forever yearn.


Our minds switched on, constant supply. As each year goes by we grow & evolve.

Forever young you will be, memories of you do not dissolve.


As we age
we can’t help but wonder
what if life were different?

This is not reality. Although, isn’t it magnificent to be able to dream?

Oct 2020 · 123
The Peculiarities of Being
Benita Dalby Oct 2020
Sorry I forgot how to be
Sorry I lost touch with reality
Sorry I used my sharp tongue
Sorry I was so high strung

Emotions are peculiar creatures that sing
All of them heard and felt at once like a sting
Overwhelmed with feelings of frenzy
Can’t I just guard them like a sentry

My mind has wounds that no one can see
Invisible scars I long to set free
I don’t mean to be that difficult person
To love me takes grace which can deter some

Sorry I sometimes have to cry
Sorry my mind has stories that fly by
Sorry I do not twinkle very bright
Sorry I cannot basque under the moonlight

Hurt, falling in space, I feel it all too deep
Like a sword through the heart, I begin to weep
Over and over on repeat so frequently
Do I value myself too high in frequency

Sorry I had to be your second
Sorry I did try with first to reckon
Sorry I thought I was worth more
Sorry I should have known I’m a bore

I am the one everyone chooses to ignore.
The peculiarities of being me is long, no I don’t think you want to hear anymore.
Aug 2020 · 335
Benita Dalby Aug 2020

The words you whisper in my ear and deliver to my soul

Create magic, like watching a glorious flower unfold

Longing with desire, lustful gazes met

My urges for you make me so wet

My heart luminously full and yours for the taking

Receiving your energy I am blessed, feel me shaking

A delicate kiss turns into a passionate embrace

You tease, tickle and suckle, my body feels your grace

As you enter me, never do I want this feeling to come undone

Moaning with pleasure, moving in unison, we become one

I long for your essence, together we both arrive

Receiving you inside me, a feeling of love which words cannot describe

— The End —