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Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Closer to one another, we take a stride,
our hearts & bodies about to collide.
Leaning in taking in each others scent,
delicately our lips meet, so present.

Heat builds between us, we’re on fire,
so much passion ignited, I feel your desire.
Licking your neck as you moan with pleasure,
now I know I want to taste your treasure

Together we undress, lay down, I am your Goddess,
My love for you translates to ecstasy, that I promise.
Tantalising & teasing you with my tongue
I move up & down your body, now my lips are clung.

I look up at you, my blue eyes meet yours,
all of you in my mouth tasting your divine flavour.
I feel you throbbing & hear the delight of your moans,
moving up & down, slowly, so deep, harder you grow.
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
My intention was to never take your independence and freedom from you,
for we are all individuals with experiences that ring true.

My impulses were overtaking my mind,
now I can see that I can leave them behind.

I felt so much overwhelm, this wasn’t fair on you,
I have not been well, I’m sorry I made you feel blue.

I have learned so much and hope in time you can see,
the positive changes that are taking place within me.

Deep inner work, and assistance to help my chemistry,
I feel like I am back on earth and now I can finally see.
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
As I end my day tucked inside my bed,
thoughts come rushing into my head.

My mind not what it used to be,
Have you given up on me?

I’m bringing myself back together,
putting back into place my tether

You told me you loved me within the week,
scared I would be hurt if I gave you a peek.

I must be delusional surely,
have you ever loved me fully?

So many questions I long to ask,
pushing them aside, I put on my mask.

Each time you go to her,
It’s hidden, quiet like a whisper.  

As you look into my blue eyes,
I ask, you continually deny.

My heart hurts, it’s in tiny little pieces,
I feel like a burden as my emotion releases.
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Dearest Little Niece,

Although I’m not near,
I wish you all the cheer.
Today is your special day,
You are as bright as the suns rays.

You’ve made 3 trips around the sun,
I know you’ve had so much fun.
As each year passes I see you grow,
You always make my heart glow.

Happy Birthday!

Love Aunty B x
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Beautiful lover,
where are you?
I need
your sweet lips.

Beautiful lover,
please come to me,
suckle gently
on my soft ****.

Beautiful lover,
I crave you
inside of this.

Beautiful lover,
I know you’re there,
our souls connected
they transmit.

Beautiful lover,
one of my favourite
sounds is when you fill me
as together we finish.

Beautiful lover,
your beating heart
love inside for me
that doesn’t quit.

Beautiful lover,
when we share our love
it is
the ultimate bliss.
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Between the times you are not near
I remember the scent of you so dear
I close my eyes, I see visions of you
In my dreams I pursue what is taboo

When we become one, I feel your perfect fit
To each other’s pleasure we commit
Energy releasing as alluring moans
Our souls embrace a love that forever grows

Hands moving like clouds
Lips connected, we feel aroused
Tongues tasting each others essence
In these moments, we are wholly present
Benita Dalby Jan 2021
Supporting me
could quite possibly
be one of the
hardest things
you’ll ever do
and for that
I thank you.

I do not want to be
dark blue
although in this moment
that is the mood
and colour
that rings true.

I feel helpless
yet I feel hope
I feel fear
yet I feel strong
I feel anxiety
yet I feel safe
above all of that
I feel love
from you
sweet tenderness.

I’ve been told
time and time again
I feel too much
too deeply
my emotions
cause others
to drown
this causes me
to withhold.

These emotions
of mine
need an outlet
a safe space
in which
they can grow
and do not cause
negative commotion.

I never meant
to hurt
any of you
a pain inside
unbearably dark
I was on
a rapid descent.

When I am shown
pure love
after I’ve come to believe
I am a burden
I feel consoled
I feel energy
as strong
as a cyclone.

I see other colours
in the future
beaming through
and happier shades of blue.

The blue of the ocean
the blue of the sky
the blue within the colours
of my happier eyes.
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