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Sit down, relax, breathe in the day
Take in the sun upon you his bright rays
Soak up the beauty, don’t pull away
Not all in your mind are matters of grey

In your soul you know the universe is at play
In your heart you know everything will be okay
The journey we call life can go many ways
It’s part of the adventure that’s underway
To the inner child inside of me
I know things weren’t always easy

I’m here now to take care of me
To surround you with love openly

Allow yourself to play & smile with glee
I share love with you and love for me
Benita Dalby Nov 14
Although I’ve pushed you away
I’m asking for you to please stay
Forget about the things I said
When I was going out of my head

Here I am strumming my ukulele
I haven’t been taking care of myself lately
I knew my body and mind weren’t right
I wish I could erase that night

So many things I want to say to you
My heart is heavy knowing I hurt you
We tend to forget the magic we create
When our minds are on constant replay

We were on the path to our new chapter
That night there was a common factor
When you are ready I’d love to talk
For now take space, I’m off for a walk
Love New Chapters Space Hurt
Benita Dalby Nov 14
I will be here ready when you are


I am vowing to let go of all negativity

Leaving the past where it belongs

It has no place inside me
Benita Dalby Nov 14
We fell for each other hard and fast
   A deep impact, a sudden blast
   Our chemistry is so electric
   Intertwined so connected
Let’s go back in time and make it right
   Put behind us those wicked nights
   Do not put out the fire just yet
   It’s only just beginning to ignite

How do we go from forever to this?
  Whispering sweet nothings, ultimate bliss
  I know I can be the woman for you
  If you give me a chance to come through

It certainly has been a tumultuous ride
   We are at the end of it, it’s time to glide
   I opened my heart up and entrusted you
   Don’t toss me aside, our love is true

I will work harder than ever before
   Give me the chance to show you more
   I know it all seems like extraordinary gloom
   This is not the end, this is the beginning of
Benita Dalby Nov 14
Listening to your Bliss EP
I can’t decide if my favourite is One or Three
Sitting upon a stool at the table on our balcony
I hear a noise at the door, who could it be? You’re not there, it’s just another delivery

Back at the table writing furiously
I look up to sky and think of all the beauty
My attention diverts back to your EP
The sounds beaming through a thing of mastery

Five finished, I move my finger back to Three
Press play again and listen intently
I count to ten breathing in the air deeply
Thinking of all the times we had so sweetly

So much strength and love shared daringly
I truly believe we are meant to be
The precious words you spoke to me
Back I go to the sounds of track Three
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