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My tear-stained
t-shirt said more
than I could bring myself to.
You need to be, to be beautiful
But I can’t
My tears in the dark make me ugly
My insides are rotting
My heart is icing
Like on a cake
But I ate too much
You tell me how I shake the world
And it hurts me
My bones break
My back bends
My muscles hurt
I still keep up with your requests
You want me to be beautiful
But I can’t change how you make me feel
I would guesstimate
At least half of
All sunburns
Are totally worth it
exhausting slow burn
of a newfound cigarette
surely, it'll last long
an apple a day keeps the doctor away
a poem a day keeps the depression at bay
#poets #depression
If you're every lucky enough
to love someone
as much as i love him
please tell him
as many times
as possible
all of the reasons
you love him
and i assure you
he will use
those reasons
as reasons
to love himself
To live
is to leave  
all behind:
to be free as
a shipwrecked soul
who has lost everything.

They find better people,
and I become distant and forgotten.
Every single time
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