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Eu Claudio Nov 2014
Have you seen my shoes?
they were last seen around London
they are black, very used and shabby
almost no more miles to walk left in their soles

they're not allowed to wandering around without me
when they do
they always mess up

if you see them going down the sidewalk towards some pub
please guide them to the right way
but be careful
they can be very dangerous when contradicted

if you see them kicking someones ***
try to stop them
unless they have a good reason

anyone with information as to their whereabouts
please contact the police or a nearby mental facility
I need to walk back on them

there is a reward for their safe return
Eu Claudio Oct 2014
little red rose
your colour only exists in my brain
I'm afraid

the green in the grass and the trees
don't belong to them
belong to me

and you sky
do you think you're beautiful with that blue?
that's all in me not in you

I do feel like a millionaire
since the 1 million colours I see
it's something I can't share
'cause they're not really there
they exist in me
Eu Claudio Oct 2014
one day I will die
I will die in a car crash
in a frontal colision
with some ******* who drunk too much
I had  my fare share of responsability
but I will not tell you why
I will just say it wasn’t pleasant
blood and bones all over the road

no, that’s not it
what the hell am I saying?
I will be murdered
in my own house
by some one who don’t belive in my ideologies
someone who profoundly disagree with me
therefore I am a threat to his way of life
or maybe I’ll just do it myself

not that I don’t belive in my convictions
but sometimes I have really hard times
defending them

one way or another
by accident, ****** or suicide
in the end,
someone will have to throw away my stuff
and delete my facebook account
Eu Claudio Oct 2014
how mad are you
from 1 to 10?

2 is the guy that
despite being left-handed
always puts first the right foot shoe

6 is the woman that
like a little girl
can not step the joints between the pavement

9 is the man that
has full arguments with his inner self
and then write poems about it

we all are a little bit mad
mentally unstable
remains to know
in which numbers should we stick the label
Eu Claudio Oct 2014
full of nothing
and full of colours
are those balloons
ignorant they jump around
not knowing where to go next
waiting to be bursted

full of independence
and full of lives
are those cats
ignorant they jump around
with their '*******' attitude
waiting to die

full of joy
and full of ideas
are those kids
ignorant they jump around
discovering the world
waiting to grow

bursting, dying, growing
those are the blessed ones
living for the instant
the waiting ignorants
Eu Claudio Oct 2014
this is my life
I can end it when I wa
Eu Claudio Oct 2014
there is a part of me
that is perfect
it's strong and always pulls me up

there is a part of me
that is happy
and bring a smile to my face everyday

there is a part of me
that is beautiful
and I hope it stays that way forever

you don't believe in what I say?
I know this is true
that part of me
is called
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