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BTW Sep 4
Love Conditional
4 September 2021

Because I am your father,
Or your lover, two.
Your marriage partner.
A friend who's always true.
The child who is my daughter,
The man who is my son.
The shelter that I rest in.
The titles I have won.
Sacrifices well taken,
The wives I married due,
I loved every one.

The father working hardy,
The host of that last party,
The mother in the sun.
Puppies in a manger,
Kind hand of a stranger,
Clowns out making fun.

Love without condition,
Least likely to be found.
Whatever my rendition,
You are on solid ground.
No end, the river that I run.
BTW Sep 1
1 Sept 2021.

From one base to another,
We seek to win.
Like a ball game. Luck and skill,
Decide one above the cover.
Who gets the thrill.
Hard as I try to play.
It is still a game, not life.
BTW Aug 30
30 August 2021

You welcome vigor and energy in our love making.
In the deepest moments of life we find peace and meaning.
Those times endure in memory of a lifetime well taken.
Comfort from the passion of life short lived, unseaming.

In your touch, your kiss, your loving, I am revived.
So grateful to be with you, I feel so alive.
You have awakened me again, welcomed me.
The vigor of your seas, I gratefully seize.
I will ride your wave, until the sun fades,
Until the winds of life, freeze.
BTW Aug 29
Zen Of A Perfect Man
29 August 2021

The perfect man does nothing perfectly.
BTW Aug 29
My Bucket List (My Renewal)
29 August 2021

Time for review.
I find I can reprioritize as past,
Substitute, renew, those satisfied.
Continuing those most relevant.
Most of the past, largely complete, not yet finished, ongoing.
Is anything ever truly done?

Making a good living, getting an education.
Raising a family, being true to former commitments.
Promising less, attempting more.
Finding partners, friends in love and trust.

Reducing the burden, I am on others.
Being unconditionally thankful.

Inspiring myself with the beauty and miracle of life.
Ignoring my pain, forgiving my mistakes.
Accepting changes, losses, and failures of age.
Accepting all others as they struggle to be their own.

Becoming the man I admire, my Dad.
Striving for the impossible being possible.

Getting older can  strip away zeal for living. This is my remewal of myself.
BTW Aug 25
25 August 2021

And so he looks,
As if holy book,
At his own,
A truth looking for home.
All he found,
Around and around,
A man on his knees.
Always trying to ease,
Aggravations of life.
Accentuated strife,
Addled man with his knife.
Alone as could be.
Aeons in need.
Along edges he freed,
Always no seed,
Aeons indeed.
Awaiting since youth,
As if there was truth.
Alas he roams,
Amidst his poems.
BTW Aug 24
Your Dreams
24 August 2022

I slept. hand on your breast,
Bare ***** pressing your back.
Your dreams filled my night.
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