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Guilty Nov 2019
You know all the stuff I feel,
How I wanna feel your skin on mine.
I wanna taste you a little bit more,
With every poem that I find.


You know how bad I want you now,
So why do you leave me longing?
Every time you see an unfinished poem..
Think of it as my desire,.. for you.
Guilty Dec 2019
Tie me to my bedframe with shoelaces
Touch every inch of my body when I can't resist
Touch me, Please me, Long for me
Tied to my bed with shoelaces
Hello? Someone? Like, a hot girl? Yes? Please?Thank you?
Guilty Nov 2019
Sometimes you can't express desire,
In the ways you'd like to.
So in this case, I'll hide it.
Hide how much I want you.
I wanna taste you so bad, I wanna do some bad stuff there. But you know, life doesn't always work out like that.
Guilty Nov 2019
I wanna do a lot of freaky stuff to you,
But I doubt if you want that too.
I mean, I could just ask you for it.
But it wouldn't feel as good as it normally did.
I wanna do some stuff to you, but you're just.. so innocent. I wouldn't even think about sharing it. So, that's why we're here.
Guilty Nov 2019
I wanna pin you against a wall,
And kiss you everywhere.
I wanna pull you into a bathroom stall,
And do some freaky stuff in there.
I had a dream about that. Needless to say, I was sad I woke up.
Guilty Nov 2019
Pin me down the bed.
Touch my body, kiss my neck.
I don't miss your toxic "love"
But I want your body back.
Touch starved
Guilty Nov 2019
You say you'll kiss me,
You say you'll dare.
But when I can finally touch you,
You don't wanna be there
Guilty Nov 2019
I wanna kiss you, love you.
I want that so, so bad.
I'm supposed to keep it a secret.
But I can't keep living like that.
Desire is the hardest emotion to hide.
Guilty Nov 2019
I tried to kiss you,
But you pulled away.
And then I realised,
I shouldn't have stayed.
Guilty Nov 2019
I want to kiss your lips,
Push you against a wall.

I want to see you lying on my bed,
Carefully press you down.

I want you to rip off my clothes,
Touch every bit of me.

I want to love every part of you,
Hear you moan.

I want you, your body,
Right here and right now.

I want to feel you, See you,
Taste you, all of you.

I want to hear you breathing,
Feel your breath everywhere.

I want to hold you on top of me,
Feel you shiver and shake.

All I want right now,
Always, you.

— The End —