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1.9k · Nov 2019
Guilty Nov 2019
I wanna do a lot of freaky stuff to you,
But I doubt if you want that too.
I mean, I could just ask you for it.
But it wouldn't feel as good as it normally did.
I wanna do some stuff to you, but you're just.. so innocent. I wouldn't even think about sharing it. So, that's why we're here.
934 · Nov 2019
Guilty Nov 2019
I wanna pin you against a wall,
And kiss you everywhere.
I wanna pull you into a bathroom stall,
And do some freaky stuff in there.
I had a dream about that. Needless to say, I was sad I woke up.
573 · Dec 2019
Guilty Dec 2019
Tie me to my bedframe with shoelaces
Touch every inch of my body when I can't resist
Touch me, Please me, Long for me
Tied to my bed with shoelaces
Hello? Someone? Like, a hot girl? Yes? Please?Thank you?
481 · Nov 2019
Guilty Nov 2019
You say you'll kiss me,
You say you'll dare.
But when I can finally touch you,
You don't wanna be there
387 · Nov 2019
Guilty Nov 2019
Pin me down the bed.
Touch my body, kiss my neck.
I don't miss your toxic "love"
But I want your body back.
Touch starved
369 · Nov 2019
Guilty Nov 2019
I wanna kiss you, love you.
I want that so, so bad.
I'm supposed to keep it a secret.
But I can't keep living like that.
Desire is the hardest emotion to hide.
301 · Nov 2019
Guilty Nov 2019
I want to kiss your lips,
Push you against a wall.

I want to see you lying on my bed,
Carefully press you down.

I want you to rip off my clothes,
Touch every bit of me.

I want to love every part of you,
Hear you moan.

I want you, your body,
Right here and right now.

I want to feel you, See you,
Taste you, all of you.

I want to hear you breathing,
Feel your breath everywhere.

I want to hold you on top of me,
Feel you shiver and shake.

All I want right now,
Always, you.
184 · Nov 2019
Guilty Nov 2019
You know all the stuff I feel,
How I wanna feel your skin on mine.
I wanna taste you a little bit more,
With every poem that I find.


You know how bad I want you now,
So why do you leave me longing?
Every time you see an unfinished poem..
Think of it as my desire,.. for you.
152 · Nov 2019
Guilty Nov 2019
Sometimes you can't express desire,
In the ways you'd like to.
So in this case, I'll hide it.
Hide how much I want you.
I wanna taste you so bad, I wanna do some bad stuff there. But you know, life doesn't always work out like that.
147 · Nov 2019
Guilty Nov 2019
I tried to kiss you,
But you pulled away.
And then I realised,
I shouldn't have stayed.

— The End —