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Barnabas Smith Feb 2015
The storm came so suddenly
No warning seen
Now all is gone
So little time to live
written c. 2003
Barnabas Smith Jan 2015
The flame begins to flicker
Darkness creeps in
The furnace stands strong
Yet no heat remains within
written c. 2003
Barnabas Smith Mar 2014
A person’s strongest dreams
are about what he can’t do
Given the power, he would
do extraordinarily self destructive things
This poem is the first in a series of poems inspired by Star Trek: The Original Series.
Barnabas Smith Mar 2014
Sometimes poems take
forever to pass by
like fishing for the big one
hook, line, sinker,

Sitting, watching the water
ripple as they tease
saying "we're just below
the surface of what you see."
Barnabas Smith Aug 2012
Somethings are well worth the wait
Each passing second
Each tick
Each tock
is a sour note sung
from the face of the clock
Barnabas Smith Aug 2012
Among trees i rest
and wander through
scriptures of olde
pouring over ancient
words of grace and peace
of love and compassion
where can this be found
outside my leather bound
at a green picnic bench
i read and marvel at
the words of Peter and Paul
two thousand years removed
in my semi-secluded sanctuary
just off the bike path

among trees i rest
and wander through
the works of Ezra Pound
language beautifully poetic
but nothing is found
to my liking except
of course
a line or two scattered
with no anchor
that is how my
mind rolls you see
gathering bits of inspiration
followed by digestion
which gives birth
to a renewing of my
mind and soul
refreshing as i ride
my bicycle down
the path of enlightenment
aided by the words of
poets, prophets, and priests
culminating in fervent

among trees i rest
and wander
Barnabas Smith Aug 2012
the ducks were
holding a funeral
out on the marsh
under the sun
silently they stood
while their shadows
moved around them
into darkness
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