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For those whom I've never spoke,
To the young difficult to cope,
A secret path is beyond your distance
Of riches & dreams far old of your existence.
Never give up & prosper from grief,
Because what is left to be
Shall fall steady as a leaf.
Comfort is non-existent, I don’t know how to be right.
Contamination took over the thoughts, I can’t lose this fight.
I must have polluted my mind,
selfish crimes ..expanded through time.
Realistic battles from my lost fantasies I can’t find.
Corrupted dreams filtered through the seams,
Nothing more frightening than a killer of your dreams.
Murders sprinkled in each corner of these streets,
then follow you home to creep in your sheets.
Your friendly enemy that knows your weak,
and stabs your back the next night you sleep.
I’d rather have solitude,
I’d rather have peace in my very own gratitude.
I could ignore your ignorance, **** your attitude.
Voices sneak in your head & cause your decease.
My fate has me wild, but I froze with no peace.
Dangerous brains don’t rest, they run on repeat.
Captured demons hidden behind military police,
to strangle my thoughts while I lay in bed and never catch sleep.
I found my vision writing tears on the tracks.
Traveling through lanes on a map.
Running ‘round the city brushin’ struggles off my back.
Killin’ ****** that disrespect me viscous pests on rats.
Got me feelin’ sorry that my pockets ain’t as fat.
Got me feelin’ drowsy from their ****** blunt wraps.
While I’m lost in the maze of their ****** thirst traps.
Workin’ for these grams, ******* never sweat for that.
City never sleeps, I’m in third place runnin’ laps.
I’m in second place dodgin’ crap.
But in first place checkin’ facts.
Beefin’ with the homies, everyday I gotta pay.
Direct deposit streaming through, I gain my money no delay.
Cryin’ every night as I howl to the moon.
This fortune is my doom, buried treasure through the gloom.
Pleading at the sky, on my knees suckin’ for a pray.
I worry for my soul as my body ends to age.
Wishing up above I don’t be buried in that grave.
Toss me in the ocean, so I can float the pain away.
Visions of the child spitting whispers to the globe.
My vision in-denial took my feelings out of tone.
So I tiptoe through the woods until I reach another world.
To drown away my sorrow in a bathtub full of gold.
She passes her hands through her hair, she’s shedding.

Massaging her scalp, hair strands fall onto her lap.

Its dark, her night light gets dimmer and dimmer the longer she spends

staring at it.

Finger nails scratch her skin to relieve the itch of everyday struggles.

It’s getting darker, and she panics in silence.

Her heart beat races. Her palms get sweatier and every minute, every second, she finds herself more frighten.

The moon is full and stuffed with light that dares not to shine through her window.

She howls and hears the echo of her own voice through the empty halls of memories.

A screech on the glass makes her head turn. She hides under the bed,

And the night light bleeds into the dark,

Until it no longer has a pulse.

Tears from the lonesome stream down her rosy cheeks,

It’s dark. And the moon is hiding behind the traveling clouds

of  the night.
Have you ever witnessed the death of a star?

Its eruption of shame filled with thunderous truth.
It shall never relive as a beautiful light in the distance.
But be of rays cracking through passing clouds.
Raging flames from the fuel of depression, now
energy bursts into extinction.
With an audience of ill-tempered eyes,
gawking at the past’s late arrival
..anxious for a new into the future.
The future of an untouched underworld,
the magical afterlife of a worshiped gem.
A gem that once meant everything
to a self-destructive star.
You're my favorite cake;
I don't get you too often but when I do its exciting. It's the best one. That's you. I be like, oh can't wait try her!

Like that one time you gave me that head. I was like omggg this *****... esta mujer, gotta be my girl.

You wanna be my girl?
She laughs, and roles around as if to be searching every Window surrounding for faces. No!

Oh, so now I get it.
You hit me up every year or whateva, you make me beg every time I see you Mami. And when we finally ****, it's amazing, & then you wanna bounce. so I'm here to serve you, hu'?
Aye, you listening to me?
I'm serving you? You come here but can't **** it mami. Here chula, put it in your mouth.
She laughs, I don't want to.
Psh, agghh.You get me so tight, so why you come here then?
But he's right, she thought, why had she come? She had imagined it wouldnt happen this time.

Did you ******' slap me?
What? That was hard?
Come on, we was playin' around. If you hit me I wouldn't get tight. I know it wasn't hard.
It was unnecessary.
You like that ****, why you playin?

He turned the lights off while she laid on the bed still fully clothed.
He was taking off his shoes then pants.
She waited.
He creeped onto the bed headed her ways.
Why didn't I try to leave again, she thought
Come on mami, you gon' take this off or what?

Is that mine? Is that mine?
She moans.
Who's is this?

Huh, he grunts.


No worries, I'll always serve you. As long as you're alive.
We laughed and I walked down. The last three steps and out the foggy air of season June,
Rain causes panic. Their heads are spinning, running maniacs lost in the fog. They’re walking dead, slaughtering souls that cross their paths. The trauma of born monsters and deformed hearts, rippled from the cause of their own explosion. An explosion that once predicted, but left the world in black and white. A grey scale vision for the hurt and reckless.

“You’re creating a monster; the old me can never return. Because of you,” he says.

His fingertips slide on the surface of her. Can they stand to live in the present and forget the past? Break the boundaries of time, or live with both in one. A traumatic bomb of lost love.

Ashes hail on their naked bodies; they lie still. Buried under as ghosts. Dizzy from the gaze of each others eyes. Fainting with every blink and lost memory they slaughter as time moves around their corpse.

Flowers bloom and clouds ploy, the sun rises and the moon’s petrified. Stuck in experiences that will never be, again. Stuck in memories because they can’t get away from what they’re seeing and once saw.

She lifts her hands. With a slow swift, her fingers glide through his curly baby hair. Soft yet self dominant, hard to break apart. Buried alive, her fingers split the bond of his living twirls.

Sunshine breaks through the cracks of the only window, it’s day three and she smells like cherries. Her skin covered in pearls, his skin shines like gold but chaos will prevail. Static will disrupt, after the bomb has been dropped. “Like you. I forgot,” she says as the rain erases away gold ashes and precious pearls.
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