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May 2017 · 232
another broken line
RV May 2017
I tried retracing the steps
We took until
You s l  o   w   l    y



Apr 2016 · 940
RV Apr 2016
Ang tanging kasalanan ko lamang
Ay isipin na ang aking mga bangugot
Ay nakikita lamang sa mga panaginip.
R. V.
Apr 2016 · 433
RV Apr 2016
your lips taste of nicotine
from all my late night cigarettes
when I can't sleep
R. V.
Mar 2016 · 1.4k
Titig. Kurap. Hinga. Kapit.
RV Mar 2016

Ng isang sandali
Para lamang siguraduhin na
Ating mga haplos sa bawat gabi
Ay hindi isang panaginip

O giliw, o akin
Kumurap muli - kahit paulit-ulit
Kumurap. Pumikit.
Hangga't kakailanganin
Hangga't sigurado na tayo
Sa ating mga hakbangin.

Pero aking giliw,
Alam kong alam natin
Na ang mga umaga natin
Ay hindi na madadatnan na magkatabi.

R. V.
Mar 2016 · 1.1k
Titig. Kurap. Hinga. Kapit.
RV Mar 2016

Sa akin, sa akin.

Lagpasan na natin
Ang hangin na namamagitan
Sa ating mga panalangin
Na ipinagbabawal ng ating mabubuting tangkain.

Pero aking giliw,
Alam kong alam natin
Na wala nang mabuti
Sa ating mga dalangin.

R. V.
Jan 2016 · 1.4k
RV Jan 2016
Ayoko nang mag-isip
Dahil baka aking ma-isip
Na kahit hanggang ngayon
Ay wala ako sa'yong isip, giliw

Ayoko nang pumikit
At ayoko nang mangarap sa bituin
Dahil sinta ko,
Ikaw ang aking panaginip

Ikaw ang nasa talukab ng aking mga mata
Na nawawalang parang bula
'Pag dating ng umaga

Pero aking mahal,
Hindi ka nawawala pag-umaga,

Kaya sa dati na lang ako kakapit
At sa dati na lang ako titingin
At sa dati na lang ako mananatili
At hindi sa aking mga panaginip na mapagsinungaling.
R. V.
Dec 2015 · 273
RV Dec 2015
I don't know why or
Or when I really did.

But I am coming up, finally
With the decision of loving myself
As hard as I could

For all the times I wished upon stars
For someone to love me half as much
But never would
R. V.
Dec 2015 · 393
A confession:
RV Dec 2015
You are still on top
In the list of my "recent
-searches" my darling
R. V.
Dec 2015 · 258
RV Dec 2015
tell me you did not just dream of me, my love
because this is the poison rushing through my veins
that our dreams have always been the same

and still they're haunting me awake.
R. V.
Nov 2015 · 504
RV Nov 2015
And so I read
And re-read

And re-read the lines
That my eyes have gone through
In search of meaning

In search for the words
Lying by the in betweens
That may not be there at all, my love

But I am running out of guesses.
And I'm still guessing if I am fine.
R. V.
Nov 2015 · 223
RV Nov 2015
The warmth of your smile
Is escaping my memory
Like cigarette smoke
I exhaled too quickly

And I desperately try
To breathe it back into my life

But darling,
You have already floated away
R. V.
Nov 2015 · 245
RV Nov 2015
Touch your lips to mine
With your eyes left wide open
And tell me if you see
Your fantasies coming true
Or just another night well spent
R. V.
Nov 2015 · 165
RV Nov 2015
leave me under the illusion
that the stars are burning
in place of our desires
R. V.
Nov 2015 · 188
RV Nov 2015
You asked me
To stop smoking
So much

Thinking that I am
Inhaling too much of
What seems to be my death

I thought about how
I breathed you in
Once upon a time

And there wasn't much difference.
R. V.
Nov 2015 · 225
I thought I did
RV Nov 2015
When you bared your fears
As we dreamed through the night

I thought I knew you, my dear.
R. V.
Oct 2015 · 1.9k
RV Oct 2015
Kung dito ba ay ako'y maniniwala

At kapag ipinakita
Ipadala ko sa aking mga panaginip

Na, oo, mahal kita.

Babalik din kaya?

****-sabi na aking mahal
Upang sa pag-dilat ng aking mata sa umaga
Ay alam kong hindi na ako aasa
Oct 2015 · 172
RV Oct 2015
Don't ask for the remnants of my smile
Because far more things are tied to my lips
That even the devils inside me cannot handle.
Oct 2015 · 2.8k
RV Oct 2015
Ngayong gabi
Titingin ako sa langit
Para itanong sa mga bituin
Ang mga salitang hindi mo maririnig

Dahil. Punyeta.

Ayaw-- takot na takot--
Akong ika'y mahalin.

I will look to the stars
To ask them about
The words you'll never hear

Because. *******.

I don't-- I'm terrified--
Of loving you, my dear.
Oct 2015 · 378
RV Oct 2015
Ashes fall, ashes fall
Tell me if this gray dust is beautiful enough
To take away your life by breaths

Ashes fall, ashes fall
Tell me if they land on the small of your back
And if it hurts
And if you want it to hurt you again.

Ashes fall, ashes fall
Tell me if the back of your mind
Screams at night
That you have to light another stick again
And let the ashes fall.

Tell me if you want my ashes to fall.
Oct 2015 · 295
Instructions for a murder
RV Oct 2015
Kiss me slowly
Hold me tightly

Love me.

I'm already dying.
Oct 2015 · 366
RV Oct 2015
**** yourself tonight, my love

The moment you pull me
Into your arms again,
My heart will be
On loan.

My collateral is not lovely

The sunrise will remind you
Of the taste of my lips
And the trail marks of my tongue
Will curse you in the sunset.

So think twice, my love
I beg you to think deeply
Of me in your sleep

Before I **** myself tomorrow.
Sep 2015 · 477
My Dear Autum
RV Sep 2015
Why are you red
And yellow
But still so cold?
Sep 2015 · 438
RV Sep 2015
We are violent
Without any blood
But with glances, unreturned
Breaking our hearts
Sep 2015 · 186
RV Sep 2015
Color me fall
'Cause you are the leaves
That is full of brilliance
And sadness

Yet I will still be
Choosing your colors
Over spring

First published on twitter. (and my previous, now non-existent, account on HP)
Sep 2015 · 413
RV Sep 2015
Don't ask

Because the insides
Of my cheeks are raw
And the teeth
That scarred them
Have poison residue

Left by your tongue
R. V.
Sep 2015 · 524
RV Sep 2015
Another sleepless night
With my last cigarette
Coming to an end
And darling
Believe me
I was thinking about you

After a thousand times
I told myself not to

I inhale my last drag of the night
And pray to God
That the sunrise will be kinder
To me that always hide
In the shadows of my feelings
Aug 2015 · 795
RV Aug 2015
My skinny love
Try not to be so anorexic

Let's just try to be
More than real but rather lasting
Aug 2015 · 507
RV Aug 2015
Won't you be my nimbus clouds
That weep for me at night?
Aug 2015 · 636
RV Aug 2015
Should I settle for the fact
That you are just settling
For me, my darling?

And not remember
The way your arms yearned
For my embrace in the early morning.
Aug 2015 · 567
RV Aug 2015
Walk with me, my love
Under the skyline of the lights
In this city we will claim to be our own.

Walk with me, my dear
And let the rain drops fall
Into our uncaring arms

Walk with me, my love
As we waltz into the innocence
And take every bit of it with you

Walk with me for a while
Before you waltz back into the rain
Without me.
R. V.

For Emily. :)
Aug 2015 · 3.6k
RV Aug 2015
Alayan lamang ng isang sulyap
Ang mga tahimik na patak
Ng ulan sa labas ng aking bintana
(At isantabi muna ang takot na sa anumang sandali ay babangga ang bus na 'yong sinasakyan sa kalagitnaan ng EDSA)
At masdan ang pagbugso ng mga bakas ng ulan sa dulo ng salamin

At sana ay maalala mo ang bakas
Ng isang ulap na nag-alay nanaman ng kanyang sarili.

And maybe one day you'll realize
That another cloud gave himself away
Jul 2015 · 456
RV Jul 2015
I'm not drunk, honey.
I'm broken hearted.
Jul 2015 · 326
Second Thoughts At Midnight
RV Jul 2015
And my love,
Maybe all our maybes
Is the only doubtless sign, that
Maybe we should stop trying.
Or maybe it's just me

Jul 2015 · 279
RV Jul 2015
Rain is brave.

Who else can fall so willingly
To only land on concrete

Every time clouds let her go.
Jul 2015 · 302
RV Jul 2015
Is it really my fault?

That words are the only ones
Holding me at night

When you said
You always would?
Jul 2015 · 354
RV Jul 2015
Even the stars fall to the fact that we're still stuck in maybe.

(First published on twitter)
Jul 2015 · 731
RV Jul 2015
And darling,
Just like the rain

I knew that
It was too good
For you to

Jul 2015 · 326
RV Jul 2015
I beg you.

Stop turning my memories
Into words
Of your verses
That we will never relive.

Too cheesy for a title. Sorry.
Jul 2015 · 1.2k
To: R
RV Jul 2015
You are the nicotine
That lingered only
On my lips

Killing me with shivers
That light up
My soul, in return

But tell me, dear
Do you always leave
All too quickly?

— The End —