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Bandhana rai Oct 2021
They confuse me.
Why bother putting up false pretences?
Making me think you care when you actually dont?
You can leave me alone, thank you very much.
I rather live by myself than live in your lies.

The fox that wears a veil.
I must say you did have me fooled.
Bandhana rai Feb 2021
It’s funny how I’m flying high
Until your words bring me down.
The truth that you speak?
They cut deep.
I wish I was bliss in ignorance instead.

Can we go back to the days?

When I was still a mystery that you
were so eager to unravel.
When I invoked a sense of awe within you.
When you cherished every fibre of my being.
When your eyes sparkled as they found me.
When your fingers relished as they touched my bare skin.

Now we are just hallow.
And your fire has dimmed.
Was it me that took it out?

Yet even after all we been through.
I still long for you.
Bandhana rai Apr 2020
It’s never enough
The nectar that is you
And like a moth to a flame I flutter to you.

Oh, you sweet thing
How I adore you.
No matter how many sips
I still long for you.

It’s never enough
Even when I have made you mine
You need to show me how much you love me each and every time.

Hold me at night.
Hold me tight.

Will it be the oceans that washes us apart?

Oh shall you always carry my heart?
Bandhana rai Apr 2020
I want to touch you.
I want to be under your skin.
I want you to love me.
I want you to wrap yourself around me.

Cover me with your warmth.
Until the coldness in my heart is gone.
Until I no longer feel lonely.

Because it is a sad thing to be Alone.
And Your flesh gives me strength.
Reinforces the belief that it is real,

Your love for me that is.
Bandhana rai Dec 2019
my boy you hurt me.
but it must be
because I watered you with poison.
Bandhana rai Mar 2019
Through the hells, I burn.
But, through ashes I rise.
& through the flames I spread up
towards the skies.
hopeful resilience positive
Bandhana rai Mar 2019
And l want to drink all that his eyes has to offer,
a passage into his inner soul,
which is equally as beautiful.
for my loving husband
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