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Bandhana rai Mar 14
Through the hells, I burn.
But, through ashes I rise.
& through the flames I spread up
towards the skies.
hopeful resilience positive
Bandhana rai Mar 14
And l want to drink all that his eyes has to offer,
a passage into his inner soul,
which is equally as beautiful.
for my loving husband
Bandhana rai Jun 2018
It spreads softly, ever so gently, slowly.
It creeps, it slips, the pain in my heart.
Bandhana rai May 2018
Everyday I wake up and I die.
Everyday I pretend I don’t know what’s going on.
Everyday I push out the bad memories
Everyday, until I cry myself to sleep.
Bandhana rai May 2018
My soulmate.
Did you not say you were mine?
Was not your soul bound to mine with a chain and a red string?
If your heart has gone to another then go to her fully.
Don’t keep me chained to your side because you know I can’t leave you.
Because if this continues, I WILL leave you.
Soulmate, heartache, heartbreak, cheating
Bandhana rai May 2018
If I leave.
Just know that I loved and will always love you.
If I leave
Just know that it was the hardest thing I had to do in my entire life.
If I leave
Just know that I am dead.
If I leave
Just know that I am killing the sweetest memories of my entire life with it.
If I leave
Just know that I didn’t want to but had to.
If I leave
Just know that I hope you come and get me.
If I leave
Just know that I wish you all the best in life.
If I leave
Just know that I give you permission to go to her.
If I leave
Just know that you will never see or hear from me again.
If I leave
Just know that I am dead to you as you are dead to me.
If I leave
Just know that I ******* loved you and couldn’t save you.
I couldn’t treasure you enough.
Heartache, heartbreak, cheated
Bandhana rai Apr 2018
Once we were one.
Then two years ahead we were sometimes two
Four years in and I broke you into two
And I swear,my love, I never meant to.
I barely knew I was breaking you.
I let my insecurities poison you.
For the delight of always being right.
I got mad at you.
And at the present you no longer function like you used to.
Oh my love! my lovely love! oh my love!
I promise from onwards I’ll only treasure you.
I will shower you with raindrops of love!
And hope one day in your garden a rose grows!
So please look up at me with those eyes.
Those eyes with the dazzling lights!
Those eyes that blind me with eternal love!
Give me another chance, baby I swear I’ll make it better
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