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Life is a photo smile
Photographer does not put in
Rather, he only says, smile, please
As the minister sees his economy

The born girl child smiled looking at me
I said
Your smile to all
Not specific to me

The Minister took the troops out
Minister is familiar with the smile
Life is like that
Free as freedom

Dr Baljit Singh
Saturday 12 October 2019
Curiosity comes with anxiety
Every endeavour
Caged birds look for their masters
To let them go free

Those stand on the edge
They think
Would they employ me again?
Or let me go

A husband can say
My wife is working, or my wife is a housewife
But for wife, there is no choice.
People ask; what work your husband do?

Men supposedly to be working

Dr Baljit Singh
Friday 27 July 2018
The role of the economist is to make policies
Rather oblige
Neither interpretation nor light
It is the feelings poets write

I asked him
Is their job, your oblige
He said no
Despite no job, he saw them eating together

Dr Baljit Singh
Tuesday 8 October 2019
It is your simplicity that you have included me through your eyes
Otherwise, words are difficult for me to understand.
Also, I look at the future
I admire your past giving.

The world is practical
I don’t chase, and I do not give it a think
You need solid to stand
Mud can take your feet

After a drop-off
People go to their jobs
Their jobs are not an oblige
Only some you meet.

If you ask me, have you lost?
Then, there is no possibility to meet
A wish needed to be right.

Dr Baljit Singh
Tuesday 8 October 2019
I have created imaginary
Mr there and then is a shrewd; cunning fellow
He shall operate the same way
For the family, for the institution, and collectively

I said to Englishman
If not all eyes can see
And one can see
It is more than enough

Genocides, wars and riots
Do not create a paradise

Dr Baljit Singh
Sunday 6 October 2019
A man with strength
Not physical; mental
Contentment in the period of rest
Makes the man peaceful

I define it wellness
To see evil, I created Mr. there and then as shrewd
One eye enough to bring it to all
The man I saw quite weak, made up of blood and flesh

But can die for his family
There I see the strength

Collectively, the man becomes evil with criminals
If isolated, very weak
Even if you are not pinpointing but sitting together, it also comes to you

If you go to a restaurant, and if your friend makes fun of the waitress, you can also get into trouble because the waitress also sees you – part of the group; the teacher carefully distinguishes the deeds.

Dr Baljit Singh
Monday 7 October 2019
Say meaningful
Don’t get influenced by
There shall always be a transition
Meaningful and smooth

Englishman makes many combinations to see
He concluded you live with the best choice
He further says, I do not call it fate
I call it matching traits

The doctor father is completely right
You can’t leave your children to their fate
I shall keep stating to you
Mr there and then

Freedom important
Don’t flow with
Good governance important
Who cares, changing decisions?

See the traits
How many do you go along?
You go along with your wife
Poets write many ways

You can see the micro
You can see the macro
There were victims of
Genocides, wars, and riots

Dr Baljit Singh
Sunday 6 October 2019
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