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Nomad    *flesh hands write spirit thoughts* My name means Light Sky. Cover photo : Seeds I painted.
Seattle    Gonna redo this.
Michael TheRabbitGod
On a plain.    I am simply the who I am is what will exist for the happening is what I had occurred. I'm a big nerd.
Kida Price
On the planet    "Conformity is only societies way of saying, "Misery loves company."- A personal quote I've created that would justify never leaving my comfort zone. Impressed yet?
Alexandra Garfield
In order to, I was given a thorn
Marsha Singh
New Jersey    ghost girl, alien girl, weird girl "In twenty five years she'll be silver. In fifty, gold. A living doll, everywhere you look."
Floating under water
above the clouds    I hope you all enjoy my work.
57/M/Traverse City Mi.    When the giant falls.... The Earth shall shake.... I am Wiccan in nature and in debt to the Earth.
a m a n d a
A mythopoeic nymphet. All poems within this account are solely my own creations unless otherwise stated.
F    i'm a gemini so you'd probably hate me. 17.
wolf mother
Terra Lopez
oakland, ca    DEVOTED HOMEGIRL
ig: ohmyink

— The End —