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amaya b Mar 2019
golden tree
caramelized leaves
burnt, but still smells sweet
so sweet that my cavities tingle
your stubborn roots make it hard for you to mingle
no estás pensando claramente, tu corazón es en la mesa
despeje tu mente en tu biblioteca
you are made of sacred geometry
there's quartz in your veins
you sniff sage when you are sad,
burn palo santo when it rains
you can never forget that
manifest it yourself
you don't need this physical reality;
it makes you feel like someone else
channel all that good energy that you create with material things
meditate and reflect
that is your medicine

first poem i'm publishing here! if you like it (or even if you don't) some feedback would really be appreciated! thanks guys!!!
amaya b Mar 2019
i couldn't stop staring as the coffee dripped from her lips
she hooked her thumbs under her belt loops, resting her palms on her hips
i admired the curls that fell atop her forehead,
feeling the glowing sensation as my cheeks burned red
her name was sweet, like chocolate on my tongue
and the only thing i could compare her to was our everlasting sun

based off of a fan fiction i was going to write but never finished. i really want to though...this poem was supposed to be by the main guy in the story, who's an aspiring poet in college, talking about the main girl, who he'd just *formally* met in a barnes and noble starbucks cafe. i don't know, maybe it's cliche, but i'm just really into that kind of thing. thought it was pretty cute.
amaya b Mar 2019
it's the only way to make myself believe,
the only way i can make this feel real
pleasure over matter.
the only aspect of romantic love that i can fabricate on my own.
last one for tonight, one of my favorites... :) <3

— The End —