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 Sep 2019 PS
 Sep 2019 PS
You took away parts of me that I will never get back
And I'm working ******* being okay with that.
 Sep 2019 PS
 Sep 2019 PS
Before our friendship ended
Animosity began.
 Sep 2019 PS
Midnight Sun
 Sep 2019 PS
You can see a midday moon but not a midnight sun,
The planet's ******* with you til your big time comes,
I remember parents telling me to sit tight, son,
Because they knew just what would happen if this kid might run,
I'm, maladjusted and badly stunted, I'm lacking comfort,
Stuck in amber, I have to rush but I'm acupunctured,
Pins and needles are seething to see what happens under,
The skin of someone who carries burdens til backs are ruptured.
Did it ever freak you out as a kid that you could see the moon during the day?
 Sep 2019 PS
Aaron LaLux
... but you can’t fool Me,
I see your sadness for exactly what it is,
in between fake laughs false compliments,
& passive aggressive insulting attacks,

I see your sadness that you hide behind those name brands,
Drew House with fake smiles can’t fool me nor impress me,
the only way to get ride of your darkness is to let it go,
share Yourself with others like Shia did with #IAMSORRY,
made some mistakes a couple hundred times but it’s okay,
find a Purpose like Justin admit your mistakes & say Sorry,

you’re beautiful just the way you are, mistakes paved the way,
you are a living Self Portrait,  put your colors on display,
& admit you were so concerned with your own heart,
that you didn’t see the Heartbreaks that you made…

∆ LaLux ∆

an excerpt from poem #27 of
THHT3: The Hollywood Hills Trilogy 3
available on Amazon here:

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 Feb 2019 PS
You have left me here
For over two years
Pining and praying
I've watched silently as you've loved another
Whispered his name next to the ever poisonous flower of 'I love you'
I've felt your lips on mine and I thought we might make it
We might navigate the battlefield of our youth and make it out alive
I've heard the deafening sound of silence as my heart slowly broke when you left me
Your reasons clouded in cryptic ever changing half-answers
I've celebrated when you finally let him go
I foolishly hoped now there might be room for me again
Afterall you never denied it
I've waited patiently for you to be ready
'I don't want a relationship right now'
That constant excuse that I respected every breath
But here we are
Two years later and you have led me on a wild chase through the gardens of love
Only to wind up in the arms of another
Someone new that hadn't ever even been in the picture
In fact he was pushed so far beyond the frame I didn't think he could ever come close
To your winter twilight eyes and your electricity that I thought you had promised me
But yet here we are
I'm loosing you for the third time and you still have never told me why
But I will shove it all away
My heart's been broken for years
What's one more crack?
I will always love you and I won't let our friendship suffer because of it. But I will forever be waiting for you to keep your promise
 Feb 2019 PS
Sorry for being an




so is every other star

that burns too bright
 Feb 2019 PS
Somewhere I lost a day
twenty-four hours went away
this I knew when I awoke
and the time had been revoked
fast-forward to the now
with whiplash in full effect
by a skip of in-between
in the realm of consciousness

tomorrow has been replaced
without remembering yesterday
the memory empty as a void
where the experiences were explored
those hours are now gone
stolen by the thief I’ll absolve
my mind was the fiend
leaving me now betrayed

I’ll continue to move forward
knowing tomorrows are one short
hoping the rest will arrive
and not repeat the day that lied.

© 2019. Sean Green. All Rights Reserved. 20190211.
The poem “The Day That Lied” is about an actual weekend during which I lost Saturday.  I spent the whole of Sunday believing that the next day was going to be the actual Sunday.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.
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