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B00ks101 Oct 2019
Black ragged clouds across a deep blue sky,
its always been the same and I can't say why.
I feel the sun's warmth upon my skin,
but I know the cold rains will come hit me again.
Born with a purpose I know nothing of.
Stuck halfway between loneliness and love.
B00ks101 Oct 2019
Remember Ikkyu every day,
Poems written on leaves then cast away,
While we in another time and place,
Consign our efforts to cyberspace.
Ikkyu Sojun monk and poet
B00ks101 Oct 2019
I am still,
(The world revolves and I turn with it)
I am still.
(It circles the sun and I move with it)
I am still.
(orbiting the galaxy and pulling me with it)
I am still.
(hurtling through space and I go with it)
I am still.
(Space expands forever faster, never ending, infinite...)
...and I am still.
B00ks101 Oct 2019
Shadow of my car and me stencils the tarmac black.
White ants in my rear view hurtling down the track.
Sun hangs immobile - heat upon my back.
Hand darts to the stereo - my favourite track.
My heart's so full of hope right now - not giving up that.
I'm gonna drive,
I'm gonna drive,
I'm gonna drive, drive, drive
and I ain't coming back.
B00ks101 Oct 2019
Eggs, sugar, flour and butter.
The incantation that I mutter.
Heat and Time in a lightly greased pan.
What alchemy! for the common man.
B00ks101 Oct 2019
Drums in the distance - We ran to their beat,
Outside Maternity - a large Sikh throng,
Clapping loudly, with Dance and Song.
Unexpected spectacle this - we join in full of joy.

"Its a boy, it's a boy, it's a boy"
B00ks101 Oct 2019
Frost on the windscreen,
Heater started,
Rainbows in ice crystals!
Gift of the morning.
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