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Azulverde Dec 2018
Hope popped out of a storm
A room full of anything but me
Me & my brother
Me & my living mother
A fantasy
Death was never a solution
Fame was always an option
Opting for something that will never make sense
Is my way
Of making resistance
Azulverde Dec 2018
Domingo de noche
Aún se puede soñar
De una semana
Que nos va a rendir
Domingo de noche
Aún se puede amar
Sin pensar o esperar
Domingo de noche
Todavía es hora
Para los deseos y milagros
Que domingo de noche
Ya está para despertar
Azulverde Dec 2018
en la sombra de un árbol
que parece de mi país
escribiendo en un idioma
que no es de mi país
en una tranquilidad
que sí es de mi país
me pregunto si soy indígena
en mi país
Azulverde Dec 2018
De un estado frio
A estados solidos
De uno a dos
De un poder transformador
A la transformación de los poderes
Por lo menos
La eventualidad
De una possible
De la
De los

Azulverde Dec 2018
how does the brain of a mermaid look like?
not like mine
not like mine
invisible like me
                    I can't become a myth
I want to escape
                    become a lost child again, an orphan by choice
I want to erase it all
                    even the dreams I never had
reality took me everything
reality is not everything
between my ego and my fears
I'm just invisible
I can't look past others
I can't look back
I thought my heart would save me
                    but he came with me
I thought we would be good together
                    but he is just as ******* lost as I am
Azulverde Dec 2018
Nice to meet you.
- No, nice to meet you.
- Who invited you?
- The Crow.
- And you?
- My boss.
- Hmmm...
- Why?
- I was just wondering if,
by any chance,
you knew how to hunt rabbits.
- No, but I know how to follow orders
and shut up.
- Well, good for you!
I'll rather be black and fear the light,
then blue and having nothing to do.
- What?
- I was just talking about colors.
What is your favorite color?
- Grey.
- I thought so...
- Why?
- Because you're wearing pants.
- !?
You are not making any sense!
- I  know.

Goodnight said the bird of pray
before disappearing behind the shiny yellow curtain.

— The End —