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aziza Apr 3
the agony coagulate
on the tip of her tongue
clogged her lips to spit out
unbearable things she suffered

luckily grief has fingers
digging up a pit of her own
to bury herself away
keeping the mind draining
remain untouched

oh how safe she is now
endlessly crying and dying
without all ears to hear

'what doesn't **** you make you stronger'
what if
it doesn't **** her but remain still?
as if dog chained, she will rot.
aziza Mar 16
my mind's
peat forest
drained dry
my thoughts are
wildfire flares
in the nights
some fires
never die out.
aziza Feb 3
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these words are automatically copied in the news i recently copied from a website talking about climate change. i found this interesting as this gave me a new light on online media platform cause they also needed money and we still "buy" the advertisement as we read the news eventhough we find it irritating. this too shaped the economy aspects of journalism in this era.
aziza Dec 2018
are like some people,
they are victimized to death
within one's palm
they're taken down and thrown

they had power
but no more
human eyes show pity
for picking them,
but not humanity

pressed flowers are they
who sleep under the tents,
walking for decades,
searching for new hope
cause it's crumbled back home.
  Dec 2018 aziza
empty seas
i’m trying hard
to keep it together
desperation is my middle name
restless nights
and hopeless days
i can’t do enough
can’t be enough
to keep up this juggling act
everything is falling apart so spectacularly
a fire of blues and reds and purples
one that only i can see

so i play a little game with myself
let’s see how well i can pretend everything is okay
i’ve gotten good at it recently
as my plans for my future start to crumble in my palms
i can still feign interest over a friend’s passing fling
i’ve even been able to pretend
my self esteem is going up
accepting compliments
even convincing myself i’m not a failure
it’s laughable, really
a ******* like me,
who can’t even keep
her life from falling apart,
finally loving herself?
not gonna happen

so i laugh
and sit
and watch
as everything falls apart
Wowee everything has not been good recently, and someone has made it worse, but I cant let it show bc I’m basically the therapist of the group
I’m supposed to be the emotionally stable one, the one you can always ask for advice or help in school work and I don’t know how long I can keep up this facade of being okay
aziza Dec 2018
tahu apa aku?
tahu apa aku tentang bumi
tahu apa aku tentang puisi
tahu apa aku tentang diri
tahu apa aku tentang hati
tahu apa aku tentang diksi
tahu apa aku tentang mimpi
tahu apa aku tentang dingin
tahu apa aku tentang pergi
tahu apa aku tentang semua ini,
tahu apa aku tentang semua itu?

aku butuh berdiam diri
menarik garis batas
menginjakkan kaki
di ambang pikiran yang waras
aku akan berhenti menulis
sampai waktu tiba
dimana aku tahu dan mengerti.
aziza Dec 2018
you are,
the deep blue sea i adore
the one i'm longing to see.
To miss you is almost natural,
like crashing waves
strutting their sparkly magic
before my eyes.

and missing you isn't just waves

Missing you is the ocean,
it is the endless, widespread,
conquering one's soul.

I am now in the midst of ocean,
In hope to come across,
undiscover the deep
and dark sea;
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