the sun and the moon,
shines through a different time
always try to chase each other
and never giving up.

the sun and the moon,
a sad love story,
one surrounded by white clouds
one surrounded by shining stars.

the sun and the moon,
have always been in love,
but they know they can't meet
so they put their promise
and say "always remember me".
it's a love poetry about a black girl and a white guy, everyone couldn't accept their relationship,so they ended their love just because of people's voice.
singing in the back
relaxing on the sofa
sleeping in each others arm
running from the world,
but I have to let you go
I have to be strong
but I'll be crying when you're gone.
just about me (will) losing my friends next year,again.
stories have been told
they said "be strong"
I've tried
I did it
but it's so hard to keep it cool
it's so hard to let go
but how can I do that when it's going to be you?
i really wrote this while crying,**** some of my friends aren't gonna be beside me next year,so i let my feeling out in this poetry. i'm really sorry if this poetry is kinda ******. <3
Pointy brushes for a perfect "well done"
Flashes in my eyes,every night
Stand still and kiss her face
Just for a picture to put in a frame

Put us on the wall
Let everybody walk by
Let everybody see
Paint us pink and blue
Just for everyone to buy

Like Mona Lisa
And Van Gogh,
The same thing,just a painting on a wall
And everybody love it.
But my love ain't a piece of art
My love is just pure for a private heart.
it's about a love that one's doesn't like to share it to the whole world.
Azfar Hakimi Jan 9
You're my greatest sin
and forever will.
You keep making me
run and
keep making me crave it,
again and again and again.
Azfar Hakimi Jan 4
I'll count "1,2,3"
Then I'll see you standing
Don't show me love
Cause I know it isn't golden
Don't make me love
Cause I know I will end up broken
It's hard to move on,when I see your face every single mf day.
Azfar Hakimi Dec 2018
a cold night
with hundreds of stars
there we were
trying to count the stars
trying to find what's inside
trying to understand
what is this feeling in our heart.

the acoustic guitar that you always play
the sound of the piano that lingers in my heart
the warmth of our hugs
the memories in our heart
we were clueless
we were dumb
but the love felt so real
felt so calm.

we were too young
too innocent
and too serious until everything messed up
the glass in our hand shattered
it dropped hard to the ground
it left us with scars in our hand
the story that we made didn't end with happiness
neither it ended with angriness
but it ended with laughter
because we were just a child
just a kid trying to find what is love.
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