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The last reflection that I saw clearly
Came from the face you made
Right before walking away.
It wasn’t one of disgust
Or even of disdain.
It was as if you were exhausted.
Like you had given your all
For far too long.
I guess you were right
To walk away when you did.
No one can blame you for it
And especially not I.
You should have left sooner
Before you decided
To take my heart with you.
 Apr 2016 Ayussh Srivastav
I simply write you in my dreams
Where a word you said becomes a child
Whose hand I hold
And we walk together into the sun

I let this image of you linger long
In the crevices of my mind
That have never been touched before
Until you found them

I follow the feelings you give me
I see clouds and glass and moons and rain
As something more divine
I become a part of everything

I throw my spirit at a wall
Because you're on the otherside
And I would give my life
If only to reach you

I allow myself to fall
Because your falling
And if you're crawling on the ground
I don't want you to crawl alone

I learn how to touch again
But this time without hands and bodies
This time I use my words
To touch your mind

I do everything
And give everything
And become everything
Because of you

Danced yesterday
After a long time

From the toes
Of an Adiyathi  
All of a sudden
Your toes
In front of me

Your toes
That I wet
My saliva

My mind dances
Hands and legs
Join eventually

By and by

Goes berserk  
With fits of frenzy

Are driven to dance
On the floor

On a leg
On a toe
That utmost moment
Thought about you
That toe
Your toe
Appeared before me

That I danced
On your toes yesterday

Today my body aches

I want to feed on your toes
And fall asleep

Translation  : Shyma P

— The End —