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374 · Sep 2017
Ayu Rafina Sep 2017
How can i love
when i can't even love myself?
How can i make you settled
when my heart is nowhere to be found?
272 · Sep 2017
Ayu Rafina Sep 2017
laying on the sand with the moon above my head
with the sea wind whispering "you'll miss this moment",
walking down the beach in the morning.
-i just miss that day.
268 · Jul 2018
Ayu Rafina Jul 2018
That day, I'm staring at her.
from her eyes, I could see all her colours turns into black.
cuz someone stole all her colours and left the black one.
I cannot do much to make her colours back,
I just staring at her, and hug her.
Then, her tears down to her cheeks,
and I couldn't stop that.

"baby, let him stole all your colours and let your tears wipe your black. Just remember, he stole all your colours, but there is someone else waiting for you to wipe your tears, and give all his colours only for you."

She just listening to me, but her tears still.
265 · Jun 2018
Ayu Rafina Jun 2018
I began to tired of longing for someone,
I looked up into deep down of me,
found out my heart is still a messy place.
the pieces of yourself,
still in its place.
I sit in the corner,
Even just the pieces of yourself left,
i still love you,
and i couldn't move.
Heyy it's been a whileeeee
257 · Jan 2017
Is it love?
Ayu Rafina Jan 2017
Why am I looking at him?
Why do I smile when I see him?
Why My heart beat so faster when you beside me?
My heart beating so fast like seconds in an hour, and it's because of you?
Why am I being like this?
Is it love?
Am i falling in love?
With you?
198 · Jul 2018
A storyteller
Ayu Rafina Jul 2018
I wish,
I could be a storyteller.
Telling the untold story from the past and a dead soul.
145 · Sep 2017
Ayu Rafina Sep 2017
half of my love
still sleeps on your arm.
123 · Jul 2018
Ayu Rafina Jul 2018
I’ve never received a rose,
Cuz I think I am a rose.
In reality, I'm a frangipani.
Grow up in a grave.
planted by a liar.
89 · Sep 2018
Ayu Rafina Sep 2018
I was yellow like the sun,
̶̶̶̶  but he came and my yellow fade away.

— The End —