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Ayouba Toure Jul 2018
The peak of Ducor Hill, I stand;
A nation full of prosperity, I see.
On top of Mount Nimba, I stand;
A nation of great people, I see.
Further as I seek,
Verily; a nation of possibilities, I see.
Last night when I dreamt,
A nation full of greatness; I see.
Liberia, indeed a nation of peace.
In the sky when I looked,
A nation above all nations; I see.
As I seek to see;
I see:
A nation of eternal harmony and stability;
A nation with abundant natural resources;
A nation with abundant human resource.
Finally; a nation full of light; I see.
Surely; a new Liberia I envision.
The love and aspirations I have for my motherland is zillion times the love I have for my spouse. I do believe that one day my motherland will rapidly elevate from mess to best. In West Africa, a country Liberia will be
Ayouba Toure Jun 2018
Dear Blanc,
For too long we hath suffered,
For too long we are contented with slavery,
For too long we seek quench of freedom;
For total emancipation is our need.
Indeed we thirst for liberation,
For our resources ye exploite;
Our young girls ye assault.
Did you really manumitted our ancestors? Exactly what my heart ask my mind always.
Could you now let us go?
It's about time that those colonial gurus liberate us Africans. This message is a letter of total emancipation. Surely Africa deserves better. We need to drive our own destiny.
Ayouba Toure Jun 2018
Continuity we embrace not,
For change; we voted.
Expectations raised to the sky,
Hoping tears dry off our eyes;
Ought heaven exists on earth,
With our ablaze fire alter ice.

Our illnesses; we hunt for immune,
Our poorness;
Messiah we seek to inoculate.
With idle promises; ye woo us.
Thought struggle has ended;
In the cause of all.
For our problems;
Ye are cognizant.
Bad governance, ye feed us;
Expectations pull beneath the dust;
As animals, ye treat us;
Our aspirations ye brutal.
Africa's masses always vote for change, for they want a better leader. But on the contrary, the change become more frustrating than the continuity.
Ayouba Toure Jun 2018
For so long she has cried;
Sorrowful sorrows all she had.
All her wishes was a child;
For barrenness then her proud.

Now it came to pass:
Joyfully happy on childbed,
When we hear a baby cry.
To the world, it brings joy;
To its mom, it brings proud.
Happy with her new toy;
With care, she handles;
And eternal harmony, rekindles.
Sharing the tears of joy;
With weeping joy restore.

Loudly, dwellers sang.
Singing the song of joy;
Thematically arrange verse:
"Bobo Napo, Bo; 
Bobo Napo, Bo".
So sad to come to the realization that you are barren till eternity. In Africa, it gets worse than anywhere else in the world. Imagine Mother in laws terming you as a witch. Ruining of insults and a whole lot of disappointments.
Ayouba Toure Jun 2018
Judges instead;
Georges they have.
Equal rights and justice,
Yet injustices ruined the day;
For justices we need to pay.

An overflow for the wealthy,
A hopeless wish for the poor;
For the affluent, an everlasting quench;
Eternal hunger for the poor.
No money, justice is buried;
No status, freedom is lavished.
Equality, abomination for the poor;
Justice, everlasting quench for the rich.

Blindfolded by:
"Let justice be done to all";
Yet justice is done to some.
Democracy or Oligarchy,
Elitism or Democracy;
Answer yet to come.

To all, let justice be done
Thy prevail justice not,
Beneath the beneath;
Our fate till eternity.
From where I came from, Justice is not for the poor. In Africa, the rich commit suicide and walk with impunity.
Verily, we need justice for all
Ayouba Toure May 2018
Since rock of ages,
Our roots you slay;
Treating us like slaves.
Is it for our race,
We hath been lace?

Our color thy trace,
Grouping us in a place;
A place of discomfort.
Seeking for peace,
Hiding our beautiful faces;
For we have not a space.

Going everyday wave,
Ought we there have;
The vigour to save.
O ye people of black race!
Weep not of the past,
For one day we will be grace;
And this adversity will be dave.
The genesis of Africa started with slavery and yet we are engulfed by slavery. Africans are always assaulted on the average globally. It's about time we be our own
Ayouba Toure May 2018
When my stomach growls;
               & Soul grumble.
With hunger; my body yawn,
As my stomach growls.
To the ear; salutation my lips send.
To the neck; warm hug my cheeks give.
Pandiculation conquers my soul;
Artery convey no blood.
When my stomach growls,
Conscious, thoughts & emotions;
My worst taboos.
When my stomach growls,
My body; woo malfunction.
In Africa; we liveth in abject poverty. Bulk of the Africans sleep hungry. The optimism of getting a better and fruitful Africa, prompted me to pen this down, "Growl Stomach".
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