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Eliot York
35/M/NM    Hello, hello. I mostly write about hepo, though I've added a few of mine below too. I like personal messages, and aim to respond to ...
Daniel Ruiz
21/M/wherever she is    Just someone with a dream like everyone else, nothing special.
Ayush Gangwar
22/M/Nodia    The world is not to get gel up in it, you must come out with a spark to stand strongly alone in the darkest phase ...
20/Transfeminine/seattle    welcome to my brain map
21/F/Maldives    Poetry helps me cope with my feelings and emotions.
Surbhi Dadhich
18/F/India    The deep crests and troughs of my heart led me to the electric signals down the brain where I found nothing unusual except your revelations ...
Mark Tilford
Louisville ky    Thinking - always
Mitch Prax
27/M/Australia    Mitch. 27. Sydney Australia.
Melbourne    'The hand that rocks the fuckin' cradle rules the fuckin' world.' - Stephen King.
Elijah Nicholas
Honolulu, HI    I will call down the fire, and then the rain.
Brian Payamps
New York    A city kid trying to find a way out.
Jake muler
Cleveland    Not a poet at all just here for my gf Natalia and like reading poem.
Manisha Uniyal
delhi    Words can make you fly up in the sky, to a place beyond heaven. Where all you'll have is love to share. I write simple ...
“i write only because there is a voice within me that will not be still”
Rochelle R
Purgatory    I relate to the dark space in the lapse of time when the lighthouse beacon is turning back around.
nate k
permeate these thoughts in ink and paper; or perhaps into your boundless soul.
Natalia mushara
From Boston   
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