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I don’t want to be your scapegoat
Your reason to quit or fail
Don’t sabotage your future
Or stop from setting sail
Go off on adventures
Travel; see the world
Don’t hold life close to the vest
Rather, let it all unfurl
 Jun 2020 Aydin Ilhan
Heather Lea
I know that he still misses her;
I see it in his eyes;
The girl he met so long ago
That made him feel alive.
I can tell he sometimes thinks of her,
I shouldn't be surprised,
She's younger, more carefree than me;
She yearns him in her eyes.
I know he sometimes misses her, she was desperate to be held;
Why would he not want her still?
She was in under his spell.
But can he not look deeper
And see her hidden scars;
Her need to please him all the time
Was bruising her own heart.
Maybe soon he'll understand
Why it could never last,
And love like that is too extreme;
Its why she's in the past.
I'm here right now, in front of him,
This love will always last,
But I know that he still misses
The old me from the past.

Heather Lea
 Jun 2020 Aydin Ilhan
To love you now means to love you from distance
My eyes swelling,
Heart desolate and longing
For the sound of your voice,
Warmth of your embrace

In the midst of despairing days,
Dreary nights
And sorrowful worries
Here, I love you from afar

In loving you there is no tomorrow;
Only today
If the world crushes on a beam of light in this moment,
Will I ever see you again?
 Jun 2020 Aydin Ilhan
I held tight to peace
In my search of relief
But she still
Spilled discreet
From a hole underneath

— The End —