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Aydin Ilhan Jun 18
You saw the light
You came
You saw the dark
You left
Aydin Ilhan Jun 17
Dearest Cecilia, thou may continue
To torment my forlorn and aching heart,
On every weekday making wounds anew
For another two months ere we all part.
Winged archer's blind arrows pierced me athwart;
At every sight of thee, in me thy love will renew,
Though for thy gold complexion I might be dirt
That thou would quite surely like to eschew.
I doubt not thou art heavenly stardust,
But for thee my feelings thwart I must
Till I bid adieu. Till then I'll try to find
Solace and comfort in my restless mind
By listening to Bosson's discography;
By then I know not the law of Murphy.
Aydin Ilhan Jun 14
O, buzzing bug thou came attracted
By the stone cold and white neon light
And thousands futile attempts made;
Was it not a long and unfruitful flight?

Was it for pleasure or pain thou poor being
Came crashing into that heartless thing
That thou hast become so enamoured of?

Was it painful pleasure or pleasurable pain
For which being wounded every time thereof
Thou kept rushing on to it again and again?

Art thou too blighted by the ominous love
That was destined to be doomed as written
By the crooked and dimmed star above?

Canst thou not see thy love is eyeless?
And thou art a mere pawn in a game of chess
Played by an omnipotent ****** disguised
As Fate, or Chance, or Coincidence;
Art thou too robbed of your sense
That thou hast never realised
In what foolishness or anguish
Thou conceived a death wish
And unwillingly wanted it to be fulfilled?
Aydin Ilhan Jun 4
Humanity is ravished a thousand times
And bludgeoned to death at the altar in a sacred place.
Your soul is tortured and torn into pieces
While your half conscious body shrieked at its loudest.

A poppy in your grave, growing in betwixt your legs,
Now you have a thousand stars in your limbs,
In your white bone a lustrous moon stone;
A glowing meteor in your delicate heart,
In your rising and falling ***** an asteroid;
A rushing celestial comet in your cold blue veins;
Atmosphere  in your  single tender taken soft breath.

Come return unto us like a burning fire
Accompanying the cosmic ire
To cleanse us of hideous evils;
To cleanse the earth of those incubus devils.
Wrote on a brutal incident of ****, and ****** of an 8-year-old girl from Kashmir.
Aydin Ilhan Jun 4
How small we are, yet how big
Our graves that we dig.

In a hut or room, cottage or house,
Are we not laboratory mouse
In the hands of Human Almighty
Who builds village, town or city,
District, state or country?
Are we really folks gentry
Ruling subcontinent, continent?
Are we not the self proclaimed incumbent

Of this planet earth?

Solar system, stars, nebula, cosmos
And then?


Information is now currency,
Nuclear warheads and biological weapons,
Another man-made big bang on earth;
No room, no house, no city,
No hut, no cottage, no village.
Another hundred years or may be less
To turn the cradle of civilization into deathbed.
Aydin Ilhan Jun 2
He doesn’t know why he did that,
He doesn’t know why he stabbed his own heart
And let it pour crimson regret. (1)
He doesn’t know how he concealed
The congealed rubies within
And wore a borrowed smile
When his soul screamed, (2)
When that love struggled to strangle
With its choppy fingers (3)
And gave ghastly nightmares
Even in broad and bright daylight
And turned his mind
Into a hopeless battlefield
Soaked with tincture of iodine,
Where like a merciless enemy
He fought against his own self,
Where like a fatally wounded warrior
Tired of ceaseless fight
He craved for eternal sleep.
He doesn’t know why somewhere
A butterfly flapped its wings; (4)
He doesn’t know why he did that,
He doesn’t know why he laid his eyes on Cecilia.
1. "I tried to **** the pain
But only brought more
(So much more)
I lay dying
And I'm pouring, crimson regret, and betrayal"
___Tourniquet by Evanescence

2. " I painted this picture, painted the clouds as actual blood. The color shrieked. This became The Scream"
___Edvard Munch

3. "By each at once her choppy finger laying
Upon her skinny lips: you should be women,
And yet your beards forbid me to interpret
That you are so."
___Macbeth Act 1 Scene III (line 44-47)

4. Butterfly effect: According to Wikipedia, in chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state.
Aydin Ilhan Jun 1
Life is like a twelve-pound cannonball,
Hurled at me at the age of twenty-one
After the propitious graduation is done;
A darkling abyss despair and a free-fall.

Life is like a half-cocked single-action gun;
One bullet in cylinder and Russian Roulette.
Everything around seemed grey and dead
When the search for employment had begun.

Life is like hooves of trotting horse in turmoil
Impinging deep grooves upon my soul soil
When the neighbour inquires and informs,
"Have you this time filled up group d forms?"

Life is like a hand holding a dagger in the air;
Twisting it deeper in my chest when I overhear
A domineering well-wisher mocks my failure,
"Hah! He made tufts plucking his ***** hair"

On my back,
Alack! Sisyphus,
Life is like a mountain
Of lidless responsibilities
And of heaping impossibilities;
A barren land and a dried fountain,
Life in front of me is like a beautiful ape
With a grotesque face laughing at me agape.
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