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Ayda Zaire Sep 2017
In the loud noise of crushing silence
A withering voice of a heart in violence.
The chokehold of all the words I strangled in my throat.
Ayda Zaire Sep 2017
Nine to five and a sigh
Forsaken poesy goes to die.
The monotony of a sated dream.
Ayda Zaire May 2016
To all the men that I have loved and lost;
You had my heart but I let it frost.
Ayda Zaire Apr 2015
It is  a rave,
That to expose is brave.
They are those who know not the pain
Of the courage it takes to contain.
A friend once told me it was the bravest thing to release one's heart, to blurt out and live in the moment.
My silence begged to differ.
Ayda Zaire Feb 2015
If I hated you long enough,
Would I end up loving you?
Ayda Zaire Feb 2015
You are brave
You are kind
You are strong
You are warm
You are wise
and You are mine.
To all those out there blessed enough to have and hold the ones they love.
Ayda Zaire Feb 2015
Those that I have loved
Have never understood me.
Those that have loved me,
I have never bothered to understand.

— The End —