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ayd Jul 2018
another day another thing
for me to fall in love with
take me so far away
from the pain i feel today

sing to me,
the voice sounds so sweet
with those tears
that rain in my hands,

i will hold
you like you’ve never known, before
baby quit closing all these doors
i want to get inside of you and explore

show you things from my view
i’ve found my cure
the numbing is no more
you’ve taking me within my amour
ayd Jul 2018
may the juice of your fruit
bring me to death
cementing my grave
onto my lips, the filling it gives

unearthing a taste
only savored weeks apart
one God if they may take my soul
could have saved me had it’s heart been on patrol

with the hands lift my spirit
from the grave that has kept my bearings
secret, as intent to **** a royal for their fortuntes
as i am peasant, desperate for its gold

with its juice, i pray this sip
lay my head from its whiff  
there is no more life to give
all this pain makes what is left sick
ayd Jul 2018
every raindrop gives aid to my vines
entangled in the thought you must be
of loving the garden where your naked feet
have touched the muddy water

to clean it off, you must leave
but with you, if you must be gone
please take with you
at least one seed

but may you stay, let your feet sink deep
with every step, that stomp will leave
a print that only you can give to me
your identity can hold my leaves

instead of them running free along the floor
can they trace the contour of your curves
and be held in the palm
of your fate telling grasp

the universe, i have always asked it
these vines they grow, these leaves so green
but for what if they are only meant for me
stay by here and you may see what it means to have my seasonal seeds.
the ****** broke the other night and i think i wrote this as a way to cope.
ayd Jul 2018
indebted by the voices
harmonizing to your choir
notes rung so high
i can hardly grasp  the height of it

in my ears, the rhythm slips
down to fall into a skip
the pavement breaks, a whirlwind sends
shake the earth for once to take my sense

the sound is mentioned in whispers
that only the angels can listen to
when they rest their white dress
my blooded fit always left a stain

the red dyed  
as if roses sink into the stitching
that only you could clean
and rid the marks always left by me

but the touch for a final time
of your linen, may bring my distress fashion
the imagine it needed
before leaving

yet, it has been chaos
my eyes have meant
a burning home
now these sockets can find sleep to my fingers

all that was left was the aroma
of your scent, that lifted me high
the wind that carried
now drops my weight

all that’s left is my remains
ayd Jul 2018
JULY 08 2018

The silhouette of your body is still fresh on my mind
i day dream of roaming it day and night
are you mine to keep on my side
or do you plan to leave at sunrise?
make sure i am sound asleep
because i can’t see the thought of you
walking out that door
taking with you everything that is me, you came in peace
And came to please
My body, my mind, and my soul.

ayd May 2018
in these waters, drowning
my hands shoot to the light above
as my feet kiss the abyss
with my eyes i see in front

the endless
immersed in it all
my head is flooded
my eyes

they close, i shut them tight
do not open for the night
the only person i've shared this with, they cried. so i like it.
ayd May 2018
around my hand
this thread is raveled
tighter it gets
the stronger i hold

my heart is laced
for me to hold
the string that pulls
sinks deep into the tissue

until the blood
drips to kiss
the floor, the puddle of love
it all morphed into more

then what was presented
surprise, your presence
leave me level headed
i can’t think straight, my lines inverted

you invented as i invested
i love you, there i said it
this subdues my void
you are not my toy

i can’t play these games
leave in fantasies
i don't even remember when i wrote this.
i can only imagine how deep in the void i was.
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