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Ayush Bajpai Jan 2019
See the sky it so highly appreciated. See the world it is so highly criticized. See the bird it is so highly glorified. See the rain it so highly envisaged with love.
See the land it is so highly sensitized. See the oligarchy it is so highly honored. See the hollow it is so highly rectified you see. See you, you are cherished and entitled with glory. See me, you shall find the disgrace and the coward traits in me. And see again the crazy going jolly fellow who stood there, see again the jumps he took for you, see a good one and take the rend of repent of the renounced rhetorical risky rumor. See again what THEY did and see again what you abide by...
[And see again the crazy going jolly fellow who stood there, see again the jumps he took for you, see a good one and take the rend of repent of the renounced rhetorical risky rumor. See again what THEY did and see again what you abide by...] This extract says, "the one who was always with you in your all good and bad times who was always happy like a mad in your victory, improved himself so much for you only so as to become capable. You will find that he is the best but it is too late as the rumor which you heard from the world about him had caused an inferior complex in your mind and that compels you to regret about your blind faith in those good to sound rumors which are now renounced and then you realize that the life which you thought that you only abide by yourself was a lie or a smokescreen but actually you were abiding by the cruel world or society which can never see true love growing... "
Ayush Bajpai Jan 2019
In Search of Truth
The path that I had chosen for the achievement of the eternal truth is giving me nothing now. It started asking me questions, tough to answer and tough to listen too.
I overlooked the mesmerized turns and went straight towards the eternal truth but it now seems like it is not the truth which I am looking for.  
I became pliable for those paths which served a lot of misrepresentations and I took them. They cause me to believe that I am close but I am getting further away.
We speak, we talk, we laugh in accordance with that they shall see us in the order but forgets the main reason's concern too.
I didn't have any idea that I shall find myself broken into the various footsteps of the way to accomplish rather I thought that I have my own way to attain the truth.
In search of myself first, I see nothing which has happened to be taken from entering into my own aspects but found it is portrayed by some others.
In the meantime, if there is a way to exit this path I shall pay for it to my extreme extents eradicating eloquent evincing enemies eternally; my own deceiving traits from my real face.
Horrendous hollows hanging horribly in this way, I can choose the other but then the truth shall also be redefined which is not the thing which I want.
So what's the thing going to happen? Let it happen? I don't want it to happen I want some other things to happen happily. But it will happen whether I do anything but yes I can make it happen for my own good sake and for my truth also.
Let the world come against me I shall fight fearlessly and cause a turbulence of revolution in the way and clear away all those fanatical footsteps and let the liberal moves of mine to fill the hollows and construe the way once again that, 'now it is the one which I expected and when all those questions shall become mere rumors of paradoxical ruins and of utmost pomposity. In that way which I believed and make the era believe shall be my way and that clears away all the barriers, In Search of Truth...'
In search of truth is the poem which I have been thinking for a lot of time and it took about six months to write this poem which describes my dilemma of finding the truth or love or aim or success that whether the way I am traveling is right or not; people say that it is right but what my truth or love or aim says that matters the most to me and that's what I decide that the way in which I am traveling is according to me but not the vice versa and at last I am confident that I shall find the truth.
Ayush Bajpai Jan 2019
When all the hopes prove to be meaningless then something happens such that it left everything and keeps aside the whole world for that particular happening.
Fragile, futile, fermenting morals keep coming in the way and make us asinine in front of ourselves.
They ask, whether, "You could do it?" in such a way where saying an 'ayes' shall **** us in that guilt.
Things look recalcitrant four or five years from the past that, under no circumstances, it is something not to be happening but the supremacy always proves us wrong and changes the things in a moment so what are years?
Love is not something that enhances or gets less but it's the trust and care which aggrandizes and misunderstandings which disparages.
Even from the most hopeless paths, we see many dunes in the upcoming [back and forth] time and see no light; but there might be another 'someone' whom we are searching for and that is sitting and waiting and thinking behind that dune, 'it is not gonna end, and for me it has ended up.' Just a few steps can give 'light' to you and that 'light' something real unending.
Not just time but that faith and confidence that resides in one that urges to go with a hopeless heart and that changes everything and cause the whole surrounding to also believe, that due to these deeds, "It Comes."
The poem depicts the phase that an individual passes when she/he feels hopeless but decides to work hard and then time changes the situations for her/him and she/he achieves everything that is needed...
Ayush Bajpai Jan 2019
Through the way, the time has enlarged, months, years and decade.
We see a lot and feel a little less and that too fade.
Carving out embroidery of kindness to the walls of deeds and causing crevices to be made.
A pile of sweetness but a pinch of bitterness; the latter is remembered, I am afraid.
Carry on those shivering of love in the cruelty of hate, for which we passed the time and paid.
The memories keep coming down the lane, some are beautiful and some are making somebody too dead.
More or less, what matters is to be remembered in any of the ways, but let it be for 'my' sake, make the sweetness too much not the bitterness, cause that to an extent so it cannot be gauged.

— The End —