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377 · Sep 2018
Axl Rose Sep 2018
As I move towards the sea
I hear the loud crashing
The waves coming
Inches from my feet, three
Strong winds
Lightning flashes
Bad news
Evacuate immediately
First step,
"You can't even swim."
"You're afraid of the waters."
"Local TV's on but the lifeguard's out."
"Nobody's gonna save you from drowning."
375 · Dec 2014
Here and there
Axl Rose Dec 2014
We utter "I miss you" more often now
One way
Of keeping our memories alive
In our hearts
That our absence
Could mean presence
No eye to eye contacts
Unable to hold hands
And exert a whisper
But I could hear how your heart beats
Just a little louder today
When you're 10 000 miles away
364 · Mar 2015
Axl Rose Mar 2015
The man you love
Loves someone else
When would it feel
Like loving
Without expecting
To be loved in return
Like reaching for the fire
and don't get burned
360 · Mar 2015
Axl Rose Mar 2015
It was a long ride going home. The distance didn't matter cause it was the solitary moment. I couldn't see what's outside clearly because of the windows, but I see enough to make me feel safe inside. The cars pass as the people inside them: driving, sleeping, texting, singing, or like me, staring blankly at something intangible- air. It was a long ride going home, not because of the distance, but the countless thoughts that reminded me of you. I see you everywhere, or I just tend to assign you to some things that could somehow remind me of you. Oh the color red, that was what you wore one time we met for dinner. Look at the stop sign, it's red, like the shirt you wore one time, right? Remember, dinner together? Roses are red. "Red" is how you pronounce the past tense of Read. Red's now my favorite color, when I don't even see it as one anymore. 'Cause when I see something red, I'd always immediately associate it with you. Funny how things could symbolize people. Maybe it's something I purposely do. Because even if I think about something else, I don't want you think it's not you.
354 · Oct 2014
Axl Rose Oct 2014
Misleading actions
Immediate reactions
Bluff, honey
I need your money
For every white lie
I could almost buy
Everything I set my eyes into
Of what you have gone through
Just to make me feel okay
When all you really did
Was to make me feel astray
349 · Oct 2014
Axl Rose Oct 2014
Curtains closed
Reality check
Monthly exams
Are you ready
To get over with
All the unnecessary
To finally start something
That will make your life
More meaningful
Instead of just waiting
For something to fall
Climb up there
'Cause in order to get there
You need to move somewhere
348 · Jul 2014
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I can't keep something I don't have
I can't like someone I won't have
So there's really nothing that we have
In order to fight to have
Each other's halves
347 · Oct 2014
Beauty in Random
Axl Rose Oct 2014
A quick glance
And stutter
Genuine smiles
And your scent
Keep brushing my hair
'Cause it's the little things
That matter
344 · Oct 2014
Axl Rose Oct 2014
In life, you meet so many people. Go to a variety of places. Drink wine. Eat a lot of good food. You prefer to do a lot. You love. You learn. You sin. You forgive. You forget. Time doesn't wait for a bus ride or a stop sign. There were always a lot times when you feel like doing all at the same time.

Meet people. Go to variety of places, drink wine and eat a lot of good food with them. You learn to love. Each gets to sin. You forgive but won't feel like forgetting. You do these things altogether. Somehow wishing that after all that has been done, new things come after.

You get tired. You get bored. You get lonely.

You'd want something new.
Escape from the cycle.

You get a lot of things you don't want.
And those you want, you don't get.
330 · Jul 2014
Axl Rose Jul 2014
There was a time in my life
I was assured of my expectancy
It was because he said to me
"I would promise", "I promise"
I believed so 'cause he did promise
But that's how past tense works right
He promised
What are promises anyway?
Is it about how do we go constantly fulfilling them?
But there would come a time when you can no longer hold
A time when a promise would mean a lie full of hopes
Is it still okay to hold on to that promise?
But then how would it be a promise if you are no longer in any capability of granting it?
What's it called then?
Or a failure of such pledge?
When does a machine run out of energy?
When do birds usually stay on their nests?
Why are there nights when we could have just days?
Even God made a rest day within the busy week
So when do people end something and mark a point?
Is it when they have had enough
Or they didn't have the enough?
322 · Jul 2014
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I am here
There are things
I would want to miss
And not encounter
But there might be those
I would miss
When I don't encounter
So I'm not going to miss one
So I would miss none
Misses Miss
322 · Dec 2014
Senses and sensation
Axl Rose Dec 2014
I tried my best
to draw every detail of you
but every time I tried drawing your eyes
I'd rather stare at them
I can't take mine off yours
When it was about your nose
I recognized more of your scent
than its shape, size and holes
Your lips, I could draw
Only when leaning mine
319 · Mar 2015
You have a message!
Axl Rose Mar 2015
"Saw u last night. Been a while. Hair's longer now."
"Yea. Rmember how u used to say it suits me."
"I meant Hers."
303 · Sep 2014
Axl Rose Sep 2014
I have always loved the idea of something new, words that rhyme and an effortless wit. How hard the pounding of every syllable, the way you stress and breathe whenever you pause. I like looking at you, for I could almost confess I see through you. In some ways I do. You shine with your gestures. Insanity comes before and after you speak and just about every time. I am looking into your eyes, as they glow against the sun that shines a little less today than you do. Behind the dark clouds are your hands that caught some of the stars. You gave two of them to me and said I could keep them. I asked for another. Because most people tend to give their loved ones three of things. Signifying those famous three words that could somehow give you the world you need or the world you wish you have. I was a little disappointed and thought, "These are only 'I love'. Where's 'you'?" You smiled at me. And at that very moment, I knew exactly where my third star is.
296 · Mar 2016
"He Will Add"
Axl Rose Mar 2016
It was less than an inch distance
Touching shoulders
Breathing heavier after each second passes
And as we go up
Someone had to touch the other
But we won't look at each other's eyes
So I held tighter
"Sky's the limit," you said
On which I didn't bother to answer
If sky really was the limit
Why do I feel we had the entire universe to roam around with
The stars to count when we got tired of chasing every sunrise
Why do I feel like the Father has assigned the earth to push me always towards your side
Aligned all planets just not to interfere
The space He gave
I believe the best way I could fill out
Like an orbit
I long to be around you
284 · Mar 2016
Dark Clouds
Axl Rose Mar 2016
Sipped my morning coffee
Only to recognize your scent
The smoke which reached my head
Leaves a question
"Why are you still cold?"
Cause the warmth after today's raining
Could only result from your embrace
277 · Jan 2018
What He Feels For You
Axl Rose Jan 2018
What he feels for you doesn't equate to your worth.
What he feels for you should be either by his own will or it's just the truth.
What he feels for you doesn't bring nations together,
prevent global warming,
or progress an economic status.
Although it brings the sun,
glitters every black,
and mends such pain.
However, the sun shall set tonight,
with stars scattered,
waiting for a meteor shower
go straight to where it can hear your heart.
277 · Mar 2016
Axl Rose Mar 2016
In any case
I'll still turn to you
Kiss you lightly
Tell you softly
"You're free to go."
I'll pray for smooth roads
And for your water to last at least the flight
But you'll have my tears inside your pockets
Love letters under your shelves
The curtain rises
Another day without your face
But your skin lingers
Through the wind
Surrounded by the clouds
Far away, near the stars
And so the plane can't reach
275 · Mar 2016
Axl Rose Mar 2016
When do words become enough
When I've never said a word
When I don't say I do
It doesn't mean I don't
273 · Aug 2014
Life is difficult
Axl Rose Aug 2014
Even more when you lack so many things
Those you badly need in order to live
As easy as possible
Some need to fight
But in my case
I just don't need to fight harder
I need to win
273 · Jul 2014
What I'll Do
Axl Rose Jul 2014
I see you
"I'll only look at you."

I'll kiss you
"There's no other than you."

I feel you
"I won't ever let go of you."

"I'll only look at you."
"There's no other than you."
"I won't ever let go of you."
Things I'll do.. when I don't even have you.
255 · Mar 2018
That Night
Axl Rose Mar 2018
"The night was dark blue
Drenched in pink
With rays of silver
And a moon too bright",
That's what you said to me
For I never knew how to describe it
Who cares how much of the stars aligned
When the wind was blowing the ashes from our steps
It could have been miles but we were no more than 5 inches apart
And as time passes, I can barely understand the words from your voice
I didn't need any mountain or the waves of oceans
I was only looking at you
238 · Dec 2014
Axl Rose Dec 2014
You're like a poem
That doesn't rhyme
With how I feel
But that doesn't mean
It's not real
Isn't that what matters
Not which words
Fit better
But what they mean
230 · Sep 2014
Axl Rose Sep 2014
After all these months,
You're still the same
Your hair, nose and mouth
Did you hear how my heart shouts
"I miss you, honey."
I miss the times when you're with me.
If I could see you again
Every moment with you, I would never want to end
212 · Aug 2014
Axl Rose Aug 2014
This is one of the nights
When I think of you
Feels like holding tight
From where I'm lying
'Cause you took me to places
I wasn't hoping
You took me to a place where we were both happy
It was quite a while
Feels like everything was a lie
Which I have considered as lovely
Lovelier when you're around
But loveliest when I'm with you
I have yet to clear all these messes
I have searched for places
You're everywhere but here
I touched the hand which once caressed yours
I touched the cheek that met your right
My hair still smells the same
I still call for your name
183 · Jan 5
Axl Rose Jan 5
But you were perfect in my eyes
And that doesn't mean not having mistakes
But just being You
And constantly trying to be someone you've always dreamed about

Aren't we all
And constantly fighting battles
Within ourselves
From this society
Our mind and our fears

These tears
Come everyday to tell me
"You're still perfect in my eyes."
And love isn't a possession
We both need to have in order to be able to give

I have so many things I tell myself everyday
None of them reaching you
None of them you're going to know anyway
And none of them gonna make you come back

But still
And still
You're the first person I always want to tell everything to
In my mind,
I tell everything to you first
150 · Jul 2019
Curtain Call
Axl Rose Jul 2019
Tableau is set with two women in their 20s
One, short haired, glasses, eyes that see through you, soft hands, sharp teeth, gentle lips
Second? You can ask One
Not facing each other
Setting in an open space
Day and night
Spotlights circling the two
One, holding a college diploma
With long list of goals, dreams and to-do's
Second just finished an interview
Wearing a uniform that sends you to the Corporate World
It was on the First Scene when Second asked, "How do you see yourself in five years?"
Even though she knew
She has read One's list after all
She knew the bullets, the edges
Those words in bold, underlined being priorities
Some marked X
Others erased, but still there
Words Unsure, words Unknown
"Not here, not on this stage", replied One
Turned their backs, leave the stage
Lights off
There was no applause
The audience was confused
Ushers suggested that they leave the theater
There's no Scene Two
138 · Aug 2018
Axl Rose Aug 2018
As I put milk in my breakfast cereal I think of you
The A's, the Y's, the R's, and the U's
I have put in too much milk
These Cereal Letters suddenly melt to smaller pieces
Can't recognize each anymore
C? See
U? You
S? Soon
The next time I pour milk to the letters of your name,
I'll make sure to put in just the right amount
Because too much of what I can give can make you unrecognizable, drowned
When I give too much water to the sea it swims away from me
98 · Jul 2019
Axl Rose Jul 2019
As I went inside my Grab
The driver immediately said
"Good evening po, Ma'am."
To which I replied with "Hi."
I can't lie, that day wasn't very good
Placed my bag beside me
Sitting rightmost
I didn't check the ETA
For the first time ever
I hoped for traffic
Because I didn't want to know
"You'd reach your destination in
A hours and R minutes"
I don't want to move yet
The driver was blasting News
Oh! More important matters
What should I probably minding
What should I probably focusing
But my mind was blank and my heart heavy
There's only one News in my mind
And it's that there's no U in Us anymore
An answer to Y that turns to X
We can no longer V
To which a moment I recalled
"Do you mind, the camera's not focused"
It can't see clearly what's right in front
But a woman, standing
The battery's low now
Drained from too much clicks
Turns off, no photo taken
Smaller in lens, bigger upon glance
Even with glasses
I can't see you clearly from where you are
But still I want to say
Look here,
56 · Nov 2019
Axl Rose Nov 2019
I got up feeling good this morning
I'm set to participate in this Fun Run
Beneficial, for a Cause
Aligned with our goals today, hoping for a progress
I found myself stopping at 1.2 km
Nowhere near that 7 km Finish Line
Suddenly, I felt my knees weak
My hand with so much space
Once occupied one of yours
I am running
Possibly just so I can feel how my heart can beat fast again
Like whenever I hear the sound of your name
But I am alone today
Even tomorrow
Others did 7 km already
But I am here stuck in this space
With just one moment
Flying like a cobweb
Producing plenty other more
Unending, cycling
I always look back from the Start
Because that's where I want to run to

— The End —