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As I walk pass the corridor and see you standing,
Smiling at your phone, reading.
I silently utter a prayer for you to even raise,
That lovely head and give me a glance.
Yet, even I did pass you
None of the sweet gestures were done,
Which made me realized
You are just this love, an unrequited one.
I never been in love, technically.
Yes, I did have some relationships.
But none of them seems magical,
None of them had that electrifying zissh.
I may kissed a few, touched a few,
But no magic nonetheless.
Is this what hypothetical love is?
Seeking all those fancy fairy tales.
Will he even come one day? My Prince.
And shove me off my feet.
Take my breath away as fireworks fly,
Coloring the starry dark sky.
Will it ever occur that moment when
Everything is happy in the end?
#love #february #fairytales
stop saying that you love me
for I know you don't.
stop vowing about us to be forever
for I know we won't.
stop telling me words that you don't mean
stop making me fall, making me hope, making me dream.

stop taking my breath away
stop breaking my fragile heart.
stop being with me and in the end
we will be apart.
stop making me cry, stop hurting me.
stop with your lies, I'm hurt. can't you see?

I had lived this life of facts not false.
I know I'm just dreaming about us being close.
Stop with all these nonsense thing you're making me feel.
if you truly love me, please be real.
It was not your ordianary Monday
for it was all mourning.
Just wanted that day to end
for my heart was broken.
It was never easy to be okay
for I was terribly hurting.
Just when will it all stop
for I am in need of healing.

Broken it is, unmeandable.
My heart is torn, uncapable.
It scorches inside, untolerable.
Like my being been ruined, uncurable.

Oh, it is hurting, tormenting.
When will it stop?
The pain is to much.

— The End —