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you cannot comprehend how much you will care

how badly it will hurt
how terribly you will want to die

even if you’ve known it before
to feel it again
will burn ten times worse
than you ever remember it

you will hate yourself for it
and worst of all
you could’ve stopped it

but then,
maybe it is
out of our control,
maybe it’s not magic,
or special,
or grand,
and it's best to smile about
the fact that it’s just you,
nothing else,
that caused these events
and now,
Maybe it's because
We stand beside each other
Maybe it's the way
We use our ways for cover

Maybe it's how I feel
When I'm with you
How everything feels just right
In everything we do

Maybe it's the way
You take a glimpse at me
And the smile that goes from side to side
And everything I see

Maybe it's the way
I don't know what to do
Whenever we are together
Only one person keeps me guessing, it's you

Maybe it's just how
I've never felt this way
Honestly and truthfully
There never was a day
©Bruno Joseph Orsi
September 12, 2010
I'll make the right decision
To pack up and leave
Not turning back
A new path to cleave

Turning around a life
Is much harder than it seems
It's hard enough to find a place
To lay your head to dream

A broken heart
Has no quick fix
Nothing ever more
Ever just clicks

Life goes down
Down for the count
Lying on the streets
To sick to shout

Am I dreaming
Or am I alive?
How could life
Take such a sky dive?

On your back
Drawing your final breath
Eyes roll back
Welcome your death

Last sight you see
Is a bright light
Your guardian angel
Leaves and takes flight

On your final hour
Nothing left that day
Its the saddest thing
When angels fly away
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