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حين استيقظتُ من حلمِك
‏‎تمنّيتُ العودة الى المنام
‏‎فغطستُ شعري في الوسادة
‏‎لأشعر بالأمان
‏‎ولشفاء ذلك الجرح
‏‎مرّةً اخرى يا زمان
‏‎وجدتُ نفسي المريضة
‏‎في همسةٍ من القلب قائلا
‏‎لا تذهبي يا روحي
‏‎وجودُكِ دواء
a young married couple
enter the temple &
sit down
in their designated positions,
the Wife asks the Master :
"when will the suffering end?"
the Master looks at her
with innocent eyes
(takes a deep breath before responding) :
"it never ends"
(she becomes in a shocked trance)
the Master then continues his guidance
as following :
"one only found out
how to handle it better,
to keep it far,
far, far, far away"
(the Master takes another deep breath)
"far away from the skin,
far away from the heart,
far away from home..."
they all shiver in coolness
all at once &
the couple bow down to the Master
as a gesture to leave,
they head outside
with some heaven inside &
continue their silent walk
up along the silent mountain...
you loved her
she wasn't there &
that existed forever...
ages ago,
god wrote a love poem &
it went something like this...
her delicate touch
inside of me
growing like
my coconut tree
if one girl
was created
from my rib
that girl would be you...
prophetic dreams
your poetic face
turned my pen
into poetry
knowledge of stars
one can never know
in this truth i seek
was revealed to me,
can't remember still
only through his will
how it felt
at heaven's door,
no words
can describe
bowing down
onto the floor,
an ethereal glow
i seek to know
bowing down
at heaven's door...
manifesting dreams
like a mage
the true word
is my only sword
so when i speak
you will hear the truth &
when you read me
you will read the truth
what guarantees
my success
nothing but
the true word
it is my only sword
you can hear it
from my chord
when i slay
the surrounding evil
as i speak it,
no force on earth
that can come
face to face
with my true word...
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