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avital Jan 2015
and maybe i just
want to keep you
all to myself
—which is hardly fair,
but one thing I know for certain is that
I will miss the smell of your sweatshirt (it’s
hanging in my closet now, but I keep
the door closed)
I will miss the way I could fold into you
when everything around me felt like paper
flat and dull, but here you were
exhaling a sort of life force that came in the form of
a slight grazing of your knees and mine
your hands and mine
and I’d drift off sometimes, melt into
the perfect crease of your collarbone
so we’d thought, maybe
the measurements of our lips
would match up, too

that night it had hailed outside, and I
ruined my shoes
by the time I arrived
it was a strange place, it was not our living room or
glass vase or sofa
but you wouldn’t have been able to tell by the way we
collapsed into it and
each other, we spoke in hushed dizzy tones
drunk on adrenaline
and it was not long before lips grazed lips
and suddenly hands ran through hair and we could not stop it we could not

I wore your jacket on the way home (you offered
to walk me to my street corner and I said yes)
I think we both knew this Us
belonged to that night
and that night only
but lord, was it
wrote this last december... disregarded because 1) I hate teenage love poems and 2) this was perhaps the cheesiest thing I have permitted myself to write
avital Jan 2014
her ankles are close to
breaking and
she teeters when she walks
heel-toe-heel-toe then
please oh please god let me stay
upright when the wind blows
her collarbone might just shatter
and her wrists could snap in two
it isn't anyone's fault, per say, but bones
and we, as a
fragmented people
need wholeness
and these little cracks, they
add up
avital Jan 2014
nothing seems tangible
a realm that I am either intruding or simply
incapable of reaching
and they say shoot for the moon but
what if I have used up all of my arrows
on shooting stars, or
never had any to begin with
and what if my aim is a little off
all the time
and in a world where "landing among the stars"
isn't enough, I seem to have
no choice but
to put down my bow and
gaze at the existing
Response to the famous quotation, "shoot for the moon... Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars"
avital Jan 2014
Sometimes, I feel like
the days are drip-dropping away
like a broken faucet
(is sixteen too young
to be nostalgic)
and it scares me quite a bit
how everyone is always trying
to catch the drizzle in their
Wrinkled hands and
but every time, it manages to
slip through
avital Jan 2014
I should warn you, should
you try to pick up
all those shards of
the fragments will
slice the solicitous skin
of your fingertips and leave you
somewhat broken

some things cannot be fixed
and some don't want to be
avital Jan 2014
Im going to pretend
(I'm going to
try) that
all I see isn't
could not have been
me, or else I will surely
drive myself to [solicitous]
avital Jan 2014
I refuse to
but I will resign to

don’t you want to can’t you
wind you

but, lips should remain linear,
its a rule
one hundred eighty degrees
its hot in my head but i
do not say
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