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Avinash G Dec 2013
In the forest of finding my life
Tired of my longing desires
My soul quite silenced
My Body exhausted by unmoved farness
My wind lost its spirit
Hurting my road to desired joy

Yet, Rejecting my lost travel, I am now,
Drifting away from soul pits
Silhouetting my dreams so beautiful
Birthing my unreached longings
Stretching to my forseen destiny
Now, I am in all control  
Creating my beauty beyond compare
And Dreamy Daily Days!
Avinash G Apr 2015
You are the bravest of all
You speak in silence
You respond in gratitude
You beat like you have never been hurt
You love like you know no pain
You feel that which can break you
You forgive that which still hurts
You are insulted by ambitious minds
You are ignored by secure logics
You make me stand taller even when I am scared
You take me places so far away

Heart Oh My Heart
You have been with me
Through all the seasons of life
But still you beat, Like I'm your only joy

Heart Oh My Heart
You are the bravest of all.
Avinash G Dec 2013
Do you know  ?
Our passion as curious is priceless
Our innocence as raw is cute
The freshness we dress
The young times we mature
The young hopes we grow on
World thrills in our charms
World craves for our taste

Do not be ignored
Do not be waste
Do not be tired

Lust your wishes
Lux your riches
Lead your energies
Take advantage of your treasures
Don't look for gold in everything
Find it in the waters of your youth.
Avinash G Jul 2018
Parents to take our responsibility
Siblings to carry our roller-coaster emotions
Friends to co-create the madness we are
Relatives to form our extended safety networks
Spouse to satiate our mental, physical and lonely desires
Kids to give us those safe & positive vibes for future
Influentials and celebrations to realize our existence

But how about having one nameless relation?
One that doesn't mandate responsibilities?
One that doesn't burden expectations?
One that is Fearless, Formless & Weightless?
One that is 'Carelessly Caring' ?

— The End —