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AVI May 2014
Moments like this, waiting outside without keys or someone to open up the door for me, get me down.
It's not the waiting, is realizing no one cares about you being outside.
Moments when doubt makes you wonder whether your friends are true, get me down.
The Moment that I found out my father has been ill, also got me down beacuse I couldn't be there to take care of him.
The moment I didn't get the job I wished for, got me so down, I actually tought about not working at all.
The moment I realized I never chase my deepest dreams because I'm afraid to fail, got me freaking down too.
The moment I realized that I could, eventually, be left alone in the world, not only got me down, but also scared me to death.
But the moment it occured to me that I might never find true love, got me down the most.

Then there are moments when I feel so amazingly high, that I think I'm the luckiest girl in the whole wide world, and for just that moment everything is right.

I guess it's because of those moments that life is worth living for.

— The End —