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  Dec 2018 Avery Anne
Amy Leigh
Misguided —  we    were    inseparable,   but   things
as  they  do,   always  with   certainty   like  life itself,
change.  These different directions on winding roads
upwards and  even  edged  to  cliffs —these  dangers
in solemn  yet  ostentatious  affirmations: the  I don't
knows   paired   with   the    I    am    sure's.    Which?
Between  the  I  love  you's  and  the   rarity  of  these
honest intentions - these naked  affections with tears diluted  between  breaths. Surely, it was true; true as
formations   upon   mouth   tongue   cheek   in   ***** patterns tracing  up  and  down  skin, hands to thigh
and  then  some — yet now.

© A. Leigh
Avery Anne Jul 2013
I did not see it
Towering over the horizon
Made of trembling sapphire

Nature's beauty
Carrying the force of a mountain

I had been wading in the water
Content in my own ignorance
You waded with me, not oblivious at all
You watched the waves approach
Growing larger
Making you feel so heartbreakingly small
It had found you again

— The End —