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i want to write words
swimming in metaphor
used to deduce the inner meanings
of thought
by english classes to come
but i don't
because simply
i am just alone
no blue curtains
no storms on the horizon
just alone. simple.
id rather not torture those poor english class kids
oh love
the one subject
most written about
most yearned after
a touch
a sigh
a kiss
but when love turns
weather- worn
i don't believe that is love
that is another word
love is an adjective
but that, that comfort
is an action
i believe that is
love changes into other things. Not all of them bad
I was holding your hand
walking in the dark
i stumbled
you held
you tripped
i caught you
i fell
you let go
and did not catch me again.
it's hard having someone who you thought would always be there... just leave. sorry for the bummers, i just need to write it out
her eyes were always beautiful
vibrant green of summer memory
always watching, laughing
her eyes are just so sweet
and pure
i want them to be mine
I need green for my collection
i need them
want them
take them

his eyes were always beautiful...
separation builds
the color fades
its not the same
a yawning pit
opens between us
i cannot reach across
i do not even try
i don't want to see
and i don't know why
but i let the distance grow
and all i feel is relief
those bonds
i don't have to care about
anymore soon,
and I'm counting the days
does that make me awful?
sometimes, distance is the only solution. sometimes, you have to give people up
look at the poem
look at the words
just sit and breathe
no need to stir
look at your thoughts
just sit and live
look at this poem,
and know
you're doing great, kid
this is a moment in time when you can just breathe and sort your thoughts. stay as long as you like :)
the under bed monster
grabbed his own snack
he munched my toes down
and chewed with a smack
the other foot down
he snatched with glee
and gobbled it down
right up to the knee
I lowered a hand,
he savored each bite
"There's more where that came from!"
I say that to the "blight"
Frankenstein and Monster
the friendship of fright!
tried for a fun, spooky story. Enjoy! Give it a like if you would like to see this in a series?
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