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soft glow
illuminates my darkness
softer than the stars
gently lighting
upon my tears
the radiance
of lost silver
and forgotten
what are the moon's secrets
I want my meaning to transcend the
and to bring
together future
to have my words
mean something
in the millenia from now
i think you get it
My heart isn't broken
Isn't healing
Just turned around
Topsy turvy
The lift from your smile
Only to come
Crashing down
from your Silence
Not broken
But dizzy
Cardio vertigo
cardiovascular vertigo would be the full term I suppose
We start as a firework
an explosion in the dark
We burn.
A blaze, coursing through
An unquenchable inferno
Then slowly,
We quiet
A comfort of warmth
A crackling campfire
A protection against the cold of the dark
Then gently
We slow
A candle
Flickering in the night
Put out out by the whisk
of the snuffers scythe
To take us back
before the raze
Leaving only
ashes behind
funny how
anonymous has
the perfect thing to say
no one behind
the words
my friends
the family I didn't choose
but that took me along
gave me a home
made me feel safe
even when doing
the most
unsafe things
but the point is
that we were together
and we were
about time i wrote a poem about my friends. goodness me i love these insane people I get to call my friends. We have done some dumb stuff, changed lives, grown, changed, screamed, laughed, and cried together. They were here for all of my mistakes, and will be here long after :) love all of y'all xoxo
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I did, did I?
first attempt at a backwards and forwards poem, dont have to enjoy, just tolerate :)
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