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Ariadne 3d
Life isn't fair, some may say
Sometimes it just gets in the way

Life is neither fun nor fathomable
When toleration has an end

Dark holes and blind corners
Ready to give you a black eye

Life is strange in a demented way
The occasional muse might say

To me it is experience
Experience of both light and dark

Joy and ecstasy one moment
Pain and suffering in contrast

Tragedy abounds, yet we persist
I am strong; we are strong

I hate this duality; this entropic loop
Like I'm always jumping through hoops

C'est la vie, some might say
In a most demented way

Sanity shredded until there is no more
I am a shell of what once was

Yet we persist; we are strong
I move on and I conquer

Darkness within; it defines me
Defined but not controlled

Loss fades, I know and say
To become happy; I'm on my way
Dans la douleur, dans la souffrance, dans la vie
Couldn't post for a while, and I was keeping a file with all the poems for inktober that I would post when I could, but my computer crashed and I lost them all. Then came the depression. Oh, the depression. It's been a really demotivating week. Now I have this, and y'all can have it too.
Ariadne Oct 12
New fallen snow on a cold winter night
Peaceful and serene—Not a human in sight
Delicate flakes which glitter in the light
Tossing and turning and tumbling in flight

My blanket is something I very closely hold
For this night is frigid, and I'm quite cold
My love is much too lonely, or so I've been told
She'd be with me tonight if she really could

I hate this feeling far too much
All of this wretched loneliness and such
And though I wish not to use this as a crutch
I'm just too incredibly starved of her touch

To feel her warmth as we admire the snow
Is a feeling I truly wish I could know
And now I can feel the wind start to blow
The cold, uncaring truth it will show
Day 11: Snow. Another sad one, though it was actually quite happy in its original conception. I'm likely spending another winter alone this year. Hopefully better luck next year.
Ariadne Oct 10
Swinging to and fro;
A delicate dance—
Locked in rhythmic patterns;
And asynchronous chaos

Entropy of the mind—
An internalized butterfly effect
In perpetual motion;
Perpetual motion sickness

Maddening to say the least
Is our dance of life—
Hand in hand with death;
Walking the line forevermore

It's a dance none can see—
A tango of the mind;
Our personal recital of life and death
Our swan song

Swaying to the symphony—
In familiar patterns in our minds;
Arrhythmic chaos external
Cessation within

A manifestation of grief—
A life lost; taken; nay, stolen
Patterns invisible
Swinging in the maelstrom of life
Day 9: Swing/Day 10: Patterns. Totally didn't forget to do day 9 on the 9th... Anyway, I took the opportunity to write something a little deeper in honor of World Mental Health Day.
Ariadne Oct 9
We stand strong through thick and thin;
Steeled for the future and what it may bring
But our foundations are frail and brittle;
And thus, the fat lady shall sing
Day 8: Frail. Short, sweet, and to the point tonight.
Ariadne Oct 8
Here I am, lost in thought
Enchanted by your gaze
And the emotions you've brought
Spellbound by your ways

I find myself staring
I look deep into your eyes
Magical pools of love staring back
Reminds me of summer nights

Your love finds me
Addicted to your presence
Emotions overwhelm me as I'm
Enchanted by you
Day 7: Enchanted. This one's a bit later, it's been a hectic day. At least I remembered.
Ariadne Oct 6
Soft husky
Warm husky
Little ball of fur

O' to be
A little cutie
With fur as soft as yours
Day 6: Husky. A change of pace. I usually write from experience, and this one forced me to think of something a bit different than what I'm used to.
Ariadne Oct 6
The walls I build—
The walls which keep me safe;
Safe inside myself;
Safe from those I fear

The walls I build—
The walls which hide the truth;
To hide myself away;
For a purpose not so clear

The walls I build—
The walls which keep you out;
They also keep me in;
Like a frightened little deer

The walls I build—
The walls which crumble down;
Leaving me exposed;
Letting you come near

Day 5: Build. Yet another spiritual successor to an older poem I wrote long ago. Who even needs original material anymore XD
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