Ava Nov 26
As the sunlight filters the air
it shows
And really what are the rest of us
But dust just waiting
To break apart
Dust just floating
with no real heart
We’re just dust
So easily brushed aside
Dust just about to
To crumble
And fly
Ava Nov 14
my life right now
feels like when
you pick up a stack of books
too big
a hand on top
a hand on bottom
everything seems
to be going fine
until you start to walk
you add more pressure
to keep them in place
but you're trying too hard
so it all falls apart
the books scatter
in every direction
too much
for any one person
to handle
you look up for help
and realize you're
all alone
Ava Nov 8
I don't even know what color her eyes are
a mix of smudged green paint,
the brown bark of a young tree,
the almost yellow of soft light,
they all mix and melt
into the eyes that
make me feel colorless
Ava Nov 8
we're fighting with dynamite
meant to implode
a live grenade
ready to blow

you can't un-pull
the pin cause
the explosion will still go
and rip, rip away
every piece of life you know

our lives are just war zones
scattered with mines
every step gives us
a little less time

but we duck and doge
we trudge on
to keep fighting a battle
in hopes of the dawn
Ava Oct 22
every time
I think my humanity
is gone
I look back inside
where it has been all along
as I go to mark
another scar
in my heart
the walls come alive
with my own
human art
veins and arteries entwined
to contrive
of why I'm here
my hearts beats a morse code
to tell me
stay alive
you're still
worth it dear
I'm posting this at the exact time of my birth on my birthday to remind myself
that everything about me is alive and ready to keep going
Ava Oct 22
one thought of me in
your brain would be like dancing
in the pouring rain
Ava Oct 22
chocolate brown hair
bubblegum pink lips
deep green eyes
in my head we're
in my dreams we're
to a beat all
our own
then I wake up
to reality
in my bed
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