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Ava May 4
You could be my sunlight
The one who burns my skin
Someone to scorch me
To leave an earthly mark
Of what it means to sin,
Or if you are my sunlight,
You could stay behind the cloud
Hide in fear of mortal death
And never know if hurting me
Was worth a burning caress
Ava Apr 6
I saw you in dreams
Before you were ever mine
And darling, if that’s love
I get why it’s so hard to find
Ava Apr 2
I do not know what I’m saying
The words, they just rush out
I have nothing to reign them with
And yet I’d never doubt
That those words mean something
Or maybe everything to me
And someday I might find them
And remember what they mean
Ava Apr 2
I’ve missed so many sunsets
Crying over a spilled dream
So many betrayed fantasies
Of lives I’ve wished to lead
And so I ignored how it felt
On those few sunny days
To be bathed in total warmth
And forget earthly pain
Instead I hooked my hands on stars
And begged my wishes true
I pleaded with the sky
And bargained with a silent moon
Yet I never stopped to thank
The sun that burned my back
The things that made me turn
And keep my mind intact
I just cursed the sky
For raining on my dreams
Forgetting it had blessed me
With flaming sunsets
Not lying moonbeams
Ava Apr 2
I have forgotten words for a while
In my complacency with defeat
Just given up to this world
So determined to be concrete
I’m ever changing and ever bound
To be a person stuck living
In a fish bowl full of bubbles
With a prying audience watching
Ava Dec 2019
It’s a crowded house
With melting walls
And broken phones
Where no one calls

But the windows are open
There’s a little light
To illuminate forgotten dreams
And to fix what can’t be right

No house should miss a door
For is it even a house?
If there’s no way to enter
And then no way out

If you were to sit in it’s crumbling rooms
Could you find something in the dust
Trace some old shadows
Pieces of what a life was

It’s a crowded house
Full of visions long past
And stuffed with regret
Still standing, but not to last
Ava Dec 2019
Let the hidden
Hide their words
And carve on hearts of stone
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