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Ava 7d
no words are left
To touch my lips,
And tell you what I see,
I broke that part
A long time ago,
When I thought
I was somebody,
But you totally,
And uncomprehendingly,
Wrecked me,
I thought I’d
Met destruction,
Until you came
To regret me
Ava Sep 10
Hold me close and make it fast,
This love can never last,
Like petals dying, slowly,
But-pretend it’s all for real,
That rocks and clouds can feel,
The love we show before them
Ava Sep 4
I want to see
crystal eyes cry once
See them shatter
And tear sight from
Their perfect faces
Feel the jagged cut
Of a tear down a cheek

Let crystal eyes
Feel the pain
Of plain girls
Too broken to see
Ava Sep 3
Put your hands on me
Tight, so we can’t break
They all did before
And we’re no different

So hold me right, by the hips
As we loosen up our bodies
In the air of the night,
With a star clouded sky

Breathe me in, hold me close
Let me sink into your body
See if we can be one
Before we fall apart
Ava Sep 3
Give me a kiss
On cherry blossom lips
We can’t break water
We’re so light
And we feel the drip
Of sickly honey
On our tongues
Bringing together
An orchestra of touch

And we feel, we just feel
Like we’ve never felt before
We just want to touch
And to see
Before the world
Gets a little more
Ava Aug 29
When you’re in-between-pretty
You get away with saying
You’re **** and you’re fine
But neither’s true
And now you too
Are stuck in pretty lies
Ava Aug 24
I can’t crush
Or compress myself
To take up a smaller space
I want to smash and press myself
Into something
You can erase
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