Ava 3d
My grandpas friends are remembered by this wall
Their names in the reflecting rock
Etched in stone for all
Here they will stay

But their stories are a mystery
I know nothing of their history
Because my grandpas lips are sealed
With not a whisper to pass
And no way to ever ask

I can never blame him
The horrors he must have seen
Cause now he's standing in front of that wall
Reliving his call
How they all ran to arms
And left the ones they loved with empty ones

But some never came back
However much they tried
So now he's standing alone
When they used to stand together
Those boys of war are still tied
Tied tight
with a tether
Dedicated to my grandpa and all the Veterans, especially those of Vietnam.
Ava 3d
I made words my life
My breath, my air, and lungs filled with them
And they swirled in there waiting
Always ready

They consumed me
The words obsessed me
I arranged them into structures of worth
I gave them meaning

But then that day
I stood and the words blew out
One swoop
And half my heart gone
Just a shell of empty worn out words

The words left me
And I left them
I didn't touch them
The fear was too great
The fear of everything becoming
Completely wordless
Ava Apr 12
just a whimper of a whisper
just a wind to move a hair
only a tiny touch of feeling
can i ever know just there
i'm desensitized to sadness
or a disappointment of too much
because i learned to always watch
and never, never touch
Ava Apr 9
You give us books
You give us knowledge
What does it matter
When we can't pay for college

You want us to use our brains
You want us to ditch our phones
Yet we are taught that digital is the future zone

You tell us to be vocal and shout
You tell us to show our views to the world
But how can we do this when it's just another thing for you to gossip about

YOU have to stop this pressure you put on the outcasts
YOU have to stop saying they want a big fuss

Because YOU shouldn't decide
We should
Leave it to US
Ava Mar 18
the heart is nothing
but a muscle, though it's the
beat that keeps us sane
Ava Mar 17
picking up sticks
is so meaning less
why don't we just
cut down the trees
no one wants
to breathe
besides they're all
to their screens
too busy
to see
the world that
crumbles and falls
around them
and they ignore
the beauty that
would be
in their search for
could be
Ava Mar 16
your hands wrap
'round my neck
with the intent
to kill
you say you never
mean it
but I fear
one day you will
so every time
someone so much as
reaches in my direction
I pull away
like I'm alergeric
to affection
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