Ava Sep 2
We put pennies on gravestones
Though they're worth nothing to the dead
We want to share a piece of what once was had

They cannot spend those coins at any place or time
But we like to imagine
They might know the money's shine

Because when they might know
What we never said
They were worth more than gold
But now we cry instead
On these stones with treasure troves
Ava Aug 28
I’d rather plunge lead into my veins
Then write with it
On this paper
When learning becomes
A burden
You’re doing no one a favor

We only know the pain of memorization
Never the bliss
of truly learning
Our minds are closed
And our hearts
Are burning

But we trudge along to
The bells and commands
Heads down, ear buds in
Our heads are filled
with beauty
While our eyes
Only see sin

No words allowed
Lest we speak the truth
Of our minds
Our lips are sealed
Our hands
are twitching
and our feet
Are tapping
Because they
want to run
They want to find

What we are truly here for
Not a prison run on time
Ava Aug 27
If knowledge is power
And power is corrupt
Where does that
Leave us
They teach us to reach, grasp at the stars
If only to pull them down to
The level we are
We want all we
can’t have
And we only break
what we do
the lesson is:
That means you too
Ava Aug 25
Rambling words
on tripping tounges
convinced me
That I would never
be part of this world and it would never need me

But then I sat and listened
To the song, the whispers of the trees
And I realized this world may not need me
but without I’ll be empty

So I’ll stay and try not to fade away
And this world may someday be
A place that needs me
And wants to
Hold these crumbling pieces

But until then I’ll wait
And squeeze the broken parts
Of me
So no one can see
The stuff falling
through the cracks
The darkest parts of me
Ava Aug 25
There's that dark hazy time
with no reason or rhyme
between night and
the billions of stars in the sky

when your eyes cloud with sleep
and you wake with a dream
that goes beyond time
just out of your reach

You've been given a vision
it's your gift to share
but the memories fade quickly
if you're not aware

so grab quick and hold tight
to those sudden bursts of genius
don't hold back your cries
share the little bit of star dust
that's fallen in your eyes
Ava Aug 24
such a fire
is burning
in your eyes
that it threatens to
consume me too

and if it does
I don't know
if I can stay
away from you

so let that flame rage
and melt away the
walls that stand
between us

because we were
born to die
in this fiery pit
that claimed us
Ava Aug 23
I love the things
       that no one sees
and everything about you
        there's just a glimpse
of the inside-out you

but I don't know if you like me
        I'm dying to ask
straining to see
   but we're not what love is

maybe you're like me
but I'll just watch
from afar
         this dream of love is all
I've got
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