Ava 7d
Every time I ask myself
What I want from this
The answer
Is nothing
And for once
Nothing is something
Because I chose it
Ava Jun 28
Something I’m not sure
I want
has fallen
in my lap
Maybe it’s just
my excuse?
Because surely
it can’t be mine?
I never really
wanted it
But I’ve given in
this time
I’m afraid it’s just
a cover up
For what I
really feel
Even so
I’ll walk the walk
and talk the talk
To beat down the regret
I’ll just pretend it’s real
Ava Jun 23
I met her
in a room full of people
dressed to the nines
sparkling in diamonds
dripping with time

but all I saw was

what she thought
she was hiding
in the fabric of her clothes
in her spiky black hair
but they didn't
No they couldn’t
detract from

her teardrop eyes
that carried her burden
and her cherry lips
that held it up with a smile
and kept it there
Ava Jun 23
If I left today
Would the world decay
Like my insides do

Would the air still sting
The throats of those
Who speak empty promises

Would the grass still whisper
Of the footsteps
That no one will remember

Would something or anything care to know
Of the girl
Who once lived here
Ava Apr 22
My grandpas friends are remembered by this wall
Their names in the reflecting rock
Etched in stone for all
Here they will stay

But their stories are a mystery
I know nothing of their history
Because my grandpas lips are sealed
With not a whisper to pass
And no way to ever ask

I can never blame him
The horrors he must have seen
Cause now he's standing in front of that wall
Reliving his call
How they all ran to arms
And left the ones they loved with empty ones

But some never came back
However much they tried
So now he's standing alone
When they used to stand together
Those boys of war are still tied
Tied tight
with a tether
Dedicated to my grandpa and all the Veterans, especially those of Vietnam.
Ava Apr 22
I made words my life
My breath, my air, and lungs filled with them
And they swirled in there waiting
Always ready

They consumed me
The words obsessed me
I arranged them into structures of worth
I gave them meaning

But then that day
I stood and the words blew out
One swoop
And half my heart gone
Just a shell of empty worn out words

The words left me
And I left them
I didn't touch them
The fear was too great
The fear of everything becoming
Completely wordless
Ava Apr 12
just a whimper of a whisper
just a wind to move a hair
only a tiny touch of feeling
can i ever know just there
i'm desensitized to sadness
or a disappointment of too much
because i learned to always watch
and never, never touch
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