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May 31 · 204
Ainsley May 31
You'll probably
Never know
The tears my pillows held
The screams my bedroom wall heard
Just a random thought
May 27 · 679
Ainsley May 27
By this pen
I wrote my first word
Little did I know then
That it would
Also write your adieu too
Hey!! how are you all?
Its been a long time
Apr 18 · 324
Ainsley Apr 18
under the moonlit night again
it's been a long time since
but all of a sudden
just like a flood of oceans
your thoughts flooded inside me
but to half of me they were just emotions
but also another half knows...what those times really meant
i couldn't take control
those tears rollin down
a silent smile
a slow dance all alone
having starry fairy lights stuck up in the sky
then i knew it was you and so will it always be...
sometimes...inside the deepest of your heart you'll know who is the one...the only one
Ainsley Mar 24
thank you HePo
it's been an amazing year
you brought out the poet in me....
you made me smile
made me believe its okay to cry
through thousands of words by poets worldwide
you got me such great friends
for which i am thankful for
though all of them are not here now..
the memories made will stay forever
thank you so much for this one amazing year
it was really a great year here...
Ainsley Mar 20
Lonely..lookin that starts
Questioning existence
Silence trying to fill that void
But i don't know why
It never gets filled
Knowing my scream
Never gets to be heard
Wrapped up by my arms
I sit down
Lookin at the stars..
A silent cry
A silent smile
For the stars and the moon
Are my company
For i know i am not the only one lonely...lookin out at the night sky
Do you too feel less lonely when you look at the night sky???
Mar 18 · 144
You left....
Ainsley Mar 18
You  would've stayed
If you were meant to stay
But you didn't
Now it clearly makes sense
Some good petals do wither one day
But the good days together will never be forgotten
Mar 2 · 592
Ainsley Mar 2
Strangers with memories
Walking together
Could've at least smiled
But never looked till the end
It really pains when someone you were very close to... and shared most of your memories walk by you just as a stranger now :(
Feb 28 · 58
I found
Ainsley Feb 28
maybe this time but never again
was all that i could say
Maybe we weren't the endgame
But i found myself
When i got lost in your thoughts
Random thought
Feb 11 · 626
DUSK'S painting 🎨
Ainsley Feb 11
Dusk's beauty
Attention demanded
Magnificence painted
For did I see the tricolour
Blue,purple -pink, orange fading in the skyline
Feeling undescribed❤
It was just too beautiful that u can't take my eyes off it ⛅
Feb 9 · 154
Ainsley Feb 9
It was a very bad rainy day
I look at you furry little face
With your cute tiny paws
Out of no reason
I smile again
Everytime i see his face those cute little ears his pinky little tongue
Aww..i really love him🐶
Jan 17 · 629
wooden box #3
Ainsley Jan 17
sat by the windowsill
staring at the polaroid still
black and white
making memories crystal bright
profound tears rolling
with the hail hitting the casement frame synchronizing
there on the table by
was laying the old wooden box
with a tearful sigh
thank you so much for reading
Ainsley Jan 10
imperfections I question
not because I hate them
but because I'm forced to
trying to love
embrace I try
but these judgements scare
inside this perfect look
compelled to fit in
asking "why??!!"
all they say is
"That's how you gotta be!!"

it's hard to stand against the labels....judgements...
but it shouldn't leave you in hating yourselves...
beauty has no definition... or a perfect idea...
beauty is just what your heart is...

everyone is perfectly imperfect...and that' the beauty in it...

thank you for reading
Jan 7 · 259
wooden box #2
Ainsley Jan 7
there was lying a dried maple leaf
upon a black and white polaroid
it was them under the star lit night
she couldn't stop pouring tears
down from her eyes
all she could whisper was
"Promise!" in her broken voice
thanks for reading
Jan 5 · 375
wooden box #1
Ainsley Jan 5
that old wooden box
she hasn't opened in years

to her everything in it was something so special
that her brain's tries forgetting
heart still clinging
in it
maybe her lost half
maybe her longing heart
scared to open
hard to resist
down was the key, her hands trying to find
slowly plugging the key in
she was frozen
i'm trying something ...i'm not yet sure about this.....hope it ends good
Jan 1 · 200
Ainsley Jan 1
You ask me why I am not okay!!!
Where you are the only reason I hate to see that one stupid girl i see everyday in the mirror
I miss loving me....
Dec 2020 · 462
Ainsley Dec 2020
after all these years
you came in my dream
after i am awake
all i could think of was just that
should i call it as a sweet dream's love poem
or a dark dream nightmare
Ainsley Dec 2020
May you receive all love blessings happiness and peace more than what you deserve
May this year of yours be filled with joy and love
Wish you all a Merry Christmas 🎄
Dec 2020 · 139
Ainsley Dec 2020
all they want is to apologize
for having my heart a stone
where it turns out to be
funny that they were the reason
my heart turned into one....

Dec 2020 · 380
Autumn and Winter🍁❄
Ainsley Dec 2020
The end of Autumn
Rising winter solstice
The birds chirping
Waiting for snow...
Stars so bright longing for night to shine ..
Along the breezes freezing
My heart is still waiting....
Random messy stuff😅
Dec 2020 · 342
Messed up
Ainsley Dec 2020
Messed up mind
Confused thoughts
Looking at the blurred up night sky 🌙
I am wondering why ⭐!!!!
It's all blank ------
Dec 2020 · 577
Ainsley Dec 2020
a  beauty so alluring
that blue black whipped cream
a different feeling
every time it feels like a new dream
a silent smile
making me feel light
oh sky! what a beautiful night
those constellations ,the big bright moon, glowing stars...each and every time I see I can't take my eyes away from them
Dec 2020 · 398
All that
Ainsley Dec 2020
Lost count of days
But you are all that I miss
Just a random thought😅😀
Dec 2020 · 271
that one rainy day
Ainsley Dec 2020
rain pouring down
rolling on the boulders and stone
dashing through the wind
dripping as drops on the edges of the leaves
some trying so hard to stay as a dew
on the top of the grass
transparent like a glass
chill winds making me freeze
no wonder my furry little guy
is not letting me go away
cuddling with the carpet on the floor
his warm breath hitting my leg is just so cute
but when he licks..oh just like giving me goosebumps due to the cold
it's cold everywhere
wish you were here Bicky.
it' just so cold...and rainy.....and i feel so sleepy...just having an amazing time with Jerrie(my dog)....he feels so cold too...on the beginning days of rain i didn't like it so much because of my runny nose...but now...just trying something to find the beauty in it....
Dec 2020 · 470
just a long drive
Ainsley Dec 2020
just a long drive
after a long time
probably like months ago
a weird smile
looking at the old paths
some places reminding memories
so old by now
but all i could remember then was just you
those memories without masks
without virtual hugs...

good night !
Dec 2020 · 145
Ainsley Dec 2020
you came into my life for no reason
every time I look back I cannot move without a teardrop pass by
I could feel my heart freeze in
the resilience I stopped questioning why....
you didn't stay for long
I wish those times still prolong
To a lost friend of mine
Dec 2020 · 68
Finally 16 ... YAY!!!
Ainsley Dec 2020
On this day I turn 16
Something that I wished all this long
A lot of wishes
Lot of happiness..

But I know you guys not here
People say you are a passing cloud
But if you pass again
I'll make sure you stay till the end♥️
Your one wish would have meant the world
But I am thankful for all the memories we made ♥️

To all the friends i miss on my birthday❣❣❣❣❣❣
Nov 2020 · 164
the poet i lost
Ainsley Nov 2020
i've lost that poet
in me, who once lived
i keep writing
but that void never gets filled
just how it used to...
break didn't help
maybe my petty brain won over
my little heart
that i started seeing things than feeling them
but i know
i'll turn into the one i use to be :)
felt like i am losing poetry...i don't know..i write stuffs but it doesn't fulfill me....maybe it's because of the break...but.. GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME.. i'll be back  ;)
Nov 2020 · 174
Magic? ✨
Ainsley Nov 2020
I wondered what magic ✨
Feels like
Until I met your eyes
Random thought 😅
Nov 2020 · 78
i tried
Ainsley Nov 2020
waiting for that day
when i know how to balance
trust , love & betrayals
so that i'll no longer be judged
so that i'll no longer to be hurt
i am now numb
if i just pause and think
i could feel the tears gushing down in that stroke of time
i tried being strong
tried to always put on a brave face..
i tried
i know i tried!!!!

but it will pass on!!
i know that too

not all of them are the same
there are some who trust you
who love you for who you are!!
stand by you no matter what💖

Nov 2020 · 231
Ainsley Nov 2020
this heart knew
that no one can be you
yet remained silent
missing you deep
letting the soul search for you wide
brain screams move on go!!!!
heart whispers at times of the break
"just wait for a while"
all i wish now is

hope you are okay somewhere!!!!💖
Nov 2020 · 187
Turn out
Ainsley Nov 2020
I realised that
The person you are to me
Is that someone I'll never turn out to be for you
Sometimes it really pains♥️
To Jerrie :)
Nov 2020 · 100
my happy nights
Ainsley Nov 2020
Moon of light
Stars so bright
Next after the twilight
bright and burning starlight
fixing up the cracks
with earphones plugged
filled with Ariana's moonlight
oh my god what a night.
i always love my times with the night sky so much just me my playlist ,the moonlight sparkle with the starlight..

Ariana Grande's moonlight with this really made me feel so good that night.
so just wanted to write a poem about it

thanks for reading💙
Oct 2020 · 126
Good night 💤
Ainsley Oct 2020
You are always the last thought of my day
That brings me a tear
Along with a smile so rear ♥️
Love you.

Good night 💤
Good night!!
Oct 2020 · 82
Just a thought
Ainsley Oct 2020
Love is free
Love is rare
All it takes is a little bit of magic sacrifice, smile, pain and togetherness till the end
if you find all these in a person treasure them it's so hard to find one like that and not everyone were blessed to have someone like that ❤️
Oct 2020 · 228
smoked air
Ainsley Oct 2020
so hard to get lit
but then it didn't fail
it did light up
that one little wooden stick with a blacked up top
with a blanked up minds
ready to destroy itself
ready to shift itself from the comfy own match box
to the trash can
he brushed his hair on that strip
his burning head what a glow
adored by every eyes
that fire so bright
captivating the eyes
blew up just for seconds
consuming him
he slowly smiles looking at his fires
knowing no reasons for his current state
but knows that's his only purpose and duty to do
and so he leaves his last breath
the flame is put off
he bid a last silent "good bye"
and so did the smoke fill the air
i know it's quite messed up ..i don't know why i write it but thought of writing something about it  🖤💫 :)
thanks for sparing your time
Oct 2020 · 69
My coffee cup
Ainsley Oct 2020
Pile of textbooks
Overlaying bunches of notebooks
My coffee cup trying so hard to find a place to settle
PC file filled with notes to be learnt
Laptop charger lying miles away
Battery dying
Looking at the wall clock it's 3:00 a.m
Just 2 hours for my next morning coffee...
Had three coffees in a night..
Hoping the next one would take off
The eye bags of my  sleepless nights
Those dark circles around my eyes..
That still I find my coffee cup searching for a place
Among the pile
Having my exams
Tomorrow is the last ones
Them I'm gonna sleep for the next two whole days..
Hope it gets over soon
Oct 2020 · 676
You were🍁🌈
Ainsley Oct 2020
You were
My autumn splashed winter poetry 🍁
The rainbows of the sky🌈
That collide with my night ♥️
Just a random thought 😉😂
To my dog 🐶♥️💫
Oct 2020 · 263
there she looked
Ainsley Oct 2020
silent road
emptied cries..
she felt so lone..
mournin over her pain...
with a broken heart
trying to tear itself apart
and a smile half fakin
tryin to change her mood..
there she stood💔
right above the bridge..
just a jump all her life is done...
she smiled with tear drops fallin by
she whispered her suicidal note
she whispered it to her moon🌙
she whispered her suicidal note
then she she looked her heart froze
her tears were rolling down
like waters of the gushes...
there she looked
there she looked
Sep 2020 · 115
Maybe no meant to be
Ainsley Sep 2020
That moment when I looked into your eyes
I knew that this magic would sparkle
And even if there is nothing called "meant to be"
I just found my forever in your eyes...
After years you found right in mine your Always
Maybe the meant to be thingy is not true...but I believe there is someone for whom not just your heart but your soul falls❤️

Another poem added my hopeless romances 😁😁
Sep 2020 · 187
perfectly imperfect
Ainsley Sep 2020
just as always
she sat under the moonlit sky looking up at the moon
People called her imperfect
Her tears were trembling
she asked " Are looks and appearances that matter for everything?"
the moon smiled with pity
and said
" you love me so much by your heart
you cry to me you smile with me,
miss me the most
when these clouds get me lost..
but did you do so because of my appearance?
you never loved the sun with all hiss massive bright fire
you never left my side
oh no I am not taking pride
you've seen how i look
i am nothing but a ball of dust ,scars and craters
filled with particles
but the one that can't posses
thy own light for life
but thou never left me though
nor did any of the night lovers like you
you all loved me forever
love is not about looks
take it practical, mythological or whatever
it's a magic that's spread for this world to enrich and endure
in all forms at the end
she smiled at the moon
he smiled back
stood up and walked away
she broke down the stereotype
of the so called 'perfect look'
Love is who you are by heart...

Am I right?
Sep 2020 · 218
but YOU
Ainsley Sep 2020
silent sky
emptied roars...
messed up mind
swinging moods
longing heart...
waves brushing my feet...
took my seat...
had a sudden pause realized...
the one that stroke my mind was nothing
but YOU
Sep 2020 · 85
Bending Horizon ♥️
Ainsley Sep 2020
I look up at the sky
See the stars twinkling by..
The horizon I see
Bending entwisted with the sea
The night reminds me of you....
Those never ending chats we had..
Those memories we made...
Thinking about those ..
my agony now is so intense...
In the middle of the thought..
I think of the past..
Where you left with a goodbye note...
Now I guess the water from my eyes is way more blending with the sea
Than the bending horizon....
Sep 2020 · 79
just like a PHOENIX
Ainsley Sep 2020
i'm done or maybe i'm not....
but i now clearly understand...
you trust my responsibility
and here i am trusting my ability...
lets see what wins...

"it's my fight and probably i lost touch ...but here i am rising up again..
label me! judge me?...
try whatever you can i'll keep fighting
i'll keep rising like the phoenix from it's ash...."
she screamed...dusting off the world.

i literally don't care  about all these judgments
i will  fight..

hey poets and poetess it's been a long time hope you all are doing good...
Aug 2020 · 142
Ainsley Aug 2020
She wished if she could have someone
To make her believe in love like Chandler
Someone to love her like Ross
Someone to be sarcastic around like Phoebe
Someone to be cute and squeaky like Monica
Someone to share everything like Rachel
Someone to eat with and have Fun around like Joey....

But then the episode ended...
Everything was back to normal
"Rachel and Ross taught me that love is hard♥️♥️
Phoebe and Joey taught me that love is fun ♥️♥️
Monica and Chandler taught me that love is Forever ♥️♥️"
Any friends lover here?
Aug 2020 · 125
Ainsley Aug 2020
Had the Power to conjure
Feelings to words
To captivate mind's noise
Pouring out heart's voice..
A broken heart or a free spirit..
Always had a smile
Holding back all those tears so tight...
Mocked by society of knowing nothing but words..
But never quits writing..
Because a part of Soul was found to be lingering on the note....
Those words were magic..
And the magicians were called
Hats off to all the poets and poetesses here....
Keep rocking keep writing...

With love,
Aug 2020 · 64
What am I to do!
Ainsley Aug 2020
I am just stuck with you
move on
Neither smile...
Imprisoned in head
Broken in heart...
Wanted to stay a flying...
But remains captured..
Voice being silenced..
Soul stays trembling..
What am I to do..
Nobody knows
I don't know if any of it makes sense to me!!
Aug 2020 · 185
Her Happiness
Ainsley Aug 2020
She found him...
Amidst of all the chaos in her mind
Amidst all the battles undergone by her heart...

Everytime she was broken he turned out to be the bandage...
Everytime she held back those tears
His shoulder was enough to pour down her majestic falls....
He was there by her side all along..
That she never felt all alone...

The therapist for her pain
The healer for her scars...

Everytime she looked at his eyes
She went speechless
for she could see all her happiness just right before her♥️
True love never finds you at your best...
It's something that searches you only at your worst ♥️

Don't be sad if a love of yours broke your heart...
It's painful.
But everything happens for a reason..
Maybe you deserve even more
Aug 2020 · 203
I am not quitting
Ainsley Aug 2020
Maybe I held it too tight..
I knew it was mine...
I knew I did
The fight..
This battle is one or nothin
Yes or no...
I am not quitting
I just want to let go...
So that this soul could fly
So high anigh
At Times letting go seemsbto be the only option....
It may be true....
I don't know...
But so was I told...

Just a random thought
Thanks for reading ♥️♥️
Aug 2020 · 71
Ainsley Aug 2020
Those good night poems
Made their nights
Healing scars
Bringing out curves (^_^smile)
Were parts of their days
When their eyes used get locked
The hearts never failed to freeze
Thinking of his love those memories
She smiled with tears
Looked up at the night sky bid him a good night!
Thinking how much she loved him
His tears won over his blushes
He watched the drifting night clouds
Asked the stars if it could watch over her?
Th stars smiled and waving their starry dusts with endeavour

Wiped off their tears...
Both knew they were miles away
Smirked at the sky
And smiled....

"They still share the same sky"
They knew this love is hard..
knew things can't get back...
Knew it would take infinites 💫 to find someone so ♥️♥️

Cherish true love finding them aren't easy ❤️

Thanks for reading 💝 hope you enjoyed..
I want to continue this infinite I'll try...
Aug 2020 · 102
Humanism vs Feminism
Ainsley Aug 2020
People say humanism is better than feminism
But I say If there's humanity towards feminine there is no need of feminism
We don't fight to be greater than men...
Just equality just equality ♥️
We will strive we will fight we will win♥️♥️♥️♥️
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