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Autumn 1d
Strangers with memories
Walking together
Could've at least smiled
But never looked till the end
It really pains when someone you were very close to... and shared most of your memories walk by you just as a stranger now :(
  2d Autumn
As the gloomish clouds
Silently weep,
The world darkens
And we fall towards sleep.
  3d Autumn
Forsaken shrine,
Nights align,
In a spotted chalice,
Like onyx wine.
Out rings a bell,
A raven knell,
The wicked cry,
And doleful spell--
     --Of witching's time.

A wayward soul,
On blinded stroll,
As through the dark,
They must patrol.
The traveled path,
A harsh lambast,
And so return,
The hour's bath.

Fore a shape,
A phantom escape,
Awaiting idol,
Past a molten scape.
River quelled,
Fusion's shell,
Lest a shade and shadow weld,
Beware the spell--
     --Of witching's time.
A cautionary tale of night time and darkness.
Autumn 3d
maybe this time but never again
was all that i could say
Maybe we weren't the endgame
But i found myself
When i got lost in your thoughts
Random thought
you think you're a monster
but you'll never see
your soul how it really is
it's like the sea
if you see this, midnight, yeah it's about you, you know I'm right (:
  5d Autumn
🌑What a day, what a night
What a sun, what a moon
Everyday my heart goes boom

And my body and my mind
Always  try to pull me out
From this feeling, from this sin
Always try to pull me in☀️
  7d Autumn
Josh H
"The worst battle is between what you know, and what you feel"
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