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Autumn Noelle Sep 2020
What I wouldn't do to kiss your sleeping face
Overwhelming days slip back and forth to nights
Left to my own devices
I just exist in that liminal
I crave more than blue
and I always resist red
Flickering lights can't change a feeling
Distant sounds do it better
But nothing could compare with the peace on your face
Forget the emptiness for a moment
Never mind the numbers
Just the serenity of you dimly lit
Autumn Noelle Sep 2020
Essential midnight dusted in an April chorus
Blue girls bittersweet wandering
Unsayable thoughts and lamplit rivers
Mindless roaming beyond memories of warm days
Sweet worries seen through bitter eyes
Withering in a moonless paradise
Undeserved karma
Describe the taste of a dreadful hold
Autumn Noelle Sep 2020
Allow me a second to collect my tears
Couldn't bear to waste a drop
They smell like memories, they smell like you
A room full of vials that I dare not open
Suffocated just by the thought
Autumn Noelle Sep 2020
Ephemeral, ethereal
To exist but only in name
Only when the light hits it just right
Evaporating between the seconds
A breath as a reminder
We still exist
Even when the color fades away
All diluted tones of gray
For you I will exist
For a moment at least
Gossamer when you are gone
Autumn Noelle Sep 2020
Couldn't miss a rose I never had
Nostalgic for that island on my floor
The smallness that was only ever ours
You burning alive but that warmth was so tender
Tenderness you'll never know the depths of
Fiercely tender
I would devour my own soul to wake up in your arms each morning
But I wake up with the sun
Rushing to keep up with dreams
Sleep is for the sweet

— The End —