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Autumn Neal Apr 2015
Do you see that girl?

Her mind hiding years of tormenting secrets, face stained with tears,
Her lips sealed closed promising never to tell what she has been suffering with.

Don’t you see her?
That girl is right there and you don’t you even know
Because you would much rather choose “ignorance is bliss”
Then reach your hand out and help her.

That girl she is screaming trying to get the attention of anyone with a listening ear
She is trying to tell you she can’t take it anymore .She wants you to see
The scares left behind by that unwanted visitor.
The pain that has sieged her heart.

Do you see her?
That girl she binged on the fantasias of what her favorites rapper says make a baddie  
So she lap band her addictions and Botox away her depression
Thinking all that cosmic surgery can take away her pain.
What she really needs is for someone to take her by the hand
And tell her that everything be okay and she can make it.

That girl is right there and still can’t see her
Because you are too quick to judge.
If you would take some time and listen you would
Know she is screaming out for help
She has wants you to know she has had it with
The physical and mental abuse.

That girl she is looking for a way out but she keeps sinking
Back into her own inward conflicts that pull her back in faster than quick sand
She like Eva took a big bite out of depiction and enter into the hand of sin.

If you would just stop and pay attention you would have know
That girl she is sitting right next to you .

Now do you see her?

— The End —