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autumn colours Mar 2014
She will find herself lost in books that give her the sense of adventure she needs.
Wishing she could fall into the pages of book;
mix in between the lines of characters,
explore all the imaginary places,
get lost in the story line.
She brings those fantasies into her dreams, where she can play it out in her own style.
Imagination is what she breathes on.

Way better to live in a fantasy than in reality.

hello, long time no see. just putting a little something up, nbd
autumn colours Aug 2013
August 28th, 2013:*
I met a boy at a party today.*
We spoke a few times.
I took a liking to him.
*For a stranger, he made quite an impression.
autumn colours Aug 2013
On a night alone
It's good to know you're out there
doing something
I don't know who you are
but you are there,
and I am here,
and neither of us
are really alone
autumn colours Aug 2013
She stood on the edge
The voices in her head
Just telling her to end it

No one seemed to care...

She took one last breath
And finally, she let go.
autumn colours Aug 2013
it'll be 3:00 AM
and i'll still think of you
and how your eyes look out
to nowhere
in your own thoughts
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