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for you
is not
© Authentic Rose
© 2019
Just keep on flying,
Oh, till you reach the moon
Shine, be the light in darkness.
Hop by your own ways.
Universe is behind you,
A thousand stars are glowing up for you.

Deep mind,
An un-unravelable man,
Never let her interpret what's
Inside of his thoughts,
Echoing those words and heard the
Lies of roses.
© Authentic Rose
© 2019

a dedication poem
She writes a poetry for him,
Because her mind is full of him.
© Authentic Rose
© 2019
If I could only have you while sleeping,
I will just **** myself and sleep forever.
© Authentic Rose
© 2019
Open your heart,
Someone needs you—
Calling for your love.
© Authentic Rose
© 2019
Look at you,
Hurting yourself for
Someone who doesn't love you.

Forget the past,
I'll be your future.
© Authentic Rose
© 2019
Without you
I am colorless
You are the one,
Who gives color to my life
© Authentic Rose
© 2019
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