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  Oct 2014 Austin Skye
A girl about seven
Sits still - full of doom
It's 2 in the morning
And she's scared to leave her room

A ghostly girl with bad intentions
A skeleton made of gold
She filled the air with a cold infection
And let the people mold

They didn't believe her when she was small
So maybe now they'll listen
A ghost haunting the walls
Of a place she once called home
Austin Skye Dec 2013
Rhyming schemes
Muddled by smokey dreams
Control the thoughts I breath

Sinking through porous veins
And blocking out forgotten pains
As the night takes me away

Into worlds beyond my life
Separated by the blade of my knife
Dragging through the chills
Austin Skye Dec 2013
You tear me apart
Wear me down
Pull me closer.       
Drag me out
Filled with wonder
Full of doubt     
You bring me round
Can you hear me shout 
I loved you then
And now and always.  
How did you manage
To break open my heart
How did we start.   
Did we really end 
You tear me apart
Drag me together 
Wear me out.      
Like a puzzle 
Missing it's pieces 
Scattered around 
The world so wide
Please help me 
Be my guide
Put me together    
Love me well
God I hate this
It's a living hell.
Austin Skye Dec 2013
Fireflies flit across the evening sky
For every dawn the must die
Lighting the air and flowing with the breaze
Everywhere they float, living in ease
They bring me peace on the cobblestone path
And company from loneliness as I walk
Buzzing around filling the air
Unabashed as I lovingly stare
Slowly wandering without a care
Wondering if ever I will find
A place to rest and settle my mind
Hoping and dreaming 
With all my heart 
Still the fireflies endlessly streaming 
Never apart.
Austin Skye Dec 2013
Let the waves rush by
Curling into cold dark sand
Salty air caress
Austin Skye Dec 2013
May 20th, 2013

Water falls down around me drenching everything. Spraying my back as it's turned up from the ground by the tires of my bike. They race across the pavement as fast as my legs pump. Sweat drips down my face. It's promptly washed away by the rain hailing in on me. Cars zip by. Passing by, leaving pockets of dryness in their wake. Heat curls off my skin, banished by the cool wind threatening to rip off my hat. Wind outmatched by the racing of my heart. The heaving of my lungs. The pumping of my blood. My legs spin faster as I push harder and harder. I have nowhere to go. I only focus on my exertion. My energy. I only focus on the going. The destination is lost in the drive. I push harder still. Then I get there. The world crashed up from behind me. Suddenly catching up. The rain drumming down. The dizziness in my head. My legs shake as I step off my bike. I'm home.
Austin Skye Dec 2013
As I stepped out of the space sheltered between them, my feet crunched on the shattered bones of ancient stars. They lay scattered across the nothingness stretched out before me.
I saw life and light glimmering in the cracks and fragments of these bones. As I drew closer to a pool of it, glittering and shifting, I reached out and took hold.
As a dream evades hold when grasped so did this light slip through my fingers, dissolving into the nothing along with the rest of the stars.
Not really sure what this is!
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