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 Aug 2018 aush g
Noah Clark
The sound of the waves,
crashing at your sandy feet.

The feeling of the warm,
misty air brushing your face.

That ocean smell that you can’t quite
put your finger on, taking you away.

The bright sunset reflecting on the glistening water.

You close your eyes, take a deep
breath and wake up.
Only to find yourself closing your
eyes, trying to go back to that place.
The best vacation of any kind, is one taken by the mind.
 May 2018 aush g
Andrew Switzer
 May 2018 aush g
Andrew Switzer
Opia. Noun. The ambiguous intensity of looking into someone's eyes, which can fell simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

As you lie in my arms, watching the television, you don't notice that my undivided attention is focused on you. Something I've been dreaming of for weeks, and it's finally come true. Even better, from your angle, you can't see me staring into your eyes, so I don't feel the nervous compulsion to turn away. Whether directly or not, I could drink in your eyes with mine, for hours, and they would be among the best hours of my life.
Then there's the other hand, held tightly by trepidation. I love the prospect of your eyes staring into mine, but it's not without its fears. I'm afraid you'll see all the pain and fears that I've spent the past seven years working to overcome. I'm afraid you'll see all the insecurity and doubts I have about myself. I'm afraid you'll see all the words that I long to whisper in your ear, but can't, because I'm terrified of scaring you away. I'm afraid you won't like the fact that, behind these eyes lies only pictures and thoughts of you. But most of all, I'm afraid that, unlike me, who loves every detail, and lives for moments like these, you won't love the things you see. I long for the day when you stare happily into my eyes, but I'm frightened that you won't enjoy the secrets they reveal.

— The End —